Thursday, April 26, 2012

Greatest Rock albums of all times Part. 11

                        WISHBONE ASH: ARGUS

   I don't know about other countries, but 'Argus' is a legendary record in Greece.
It was released on January 1972, it is the 3rd album from Wishbone Ash, and it is considered their best work by far. Many music magazines named it as 'album of the year' on 1972.
The sound engineer was Martin Birch, who had also worked with Deep Purple and later on with Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden.
 The sound in this album is Rock with very nice melodies, and at some point it is 'flirting' with Progressive Rock. The basic characteristic here are the 2 leading guitars (instead of the usual one lead and one rhythm guitar), that gave to their sound a very different feeling, and actually this album it is considered a landmark for it's special sound. This style we listen here, was adopted later on from bands like Thin Lizzy and Iron Maiden, among others.
In the years that followed, 'Argus' became a big live attraction, and that is still valid in our days.
   The record contains 7 songs, and with the exception of 'Leaf and Stream' (3.55), all the rest are over 5 minutes long.
  Songs like 'Warrior', 'The King will come', and 'Throw down the sword' are examples of how good rock music sounds like.
 I'm putting 2 videos here so you can listen and have an idea...
In the first video is the song 'Throw down the sword'. Pay attention especially on the 2 guitars, (after 3.40) so you will understand better what was this 2 lead guitars sound I'm talking about. In the second Video is the famous (I believe) song 'Warrior'.
Other albums I recommend: Wishbone ash, Live Dates.