Monday, February 20, 2017

"HRH Prog V special" Prog & Roll Radio Show. (19/3/2017). A small review & the complete playlist...

Hello all!
  Last night we had the "HRH special" Prog & Roll, as I had announced a few days ago.
The whole show was dedicated to the 3-day festival HRH Prog V, that will take place in N.Wales after almost a month. (16-19/3/2017). Both me and my wife will travel from Athens to North Wales in order to attend the festival, and since we will be there, we will grab the opportunity to meet with some musicians that we already "know" from our show.
  As for last night, I believe the show was a fantastic one! We played some really great songs, we had a lot of people listening from many countries once more, and on the top of that, we had many musicians that tuned in and participated on the chatbox. Most of them are members in 
bands that will perform live in HRH, but not all of them!
  So, we had on our chatbox people mostly from Greece, England, Ireland and Germany, including Benjamin Bell, (the keyboard player of Gandalf's Fist), Stefan Hepe, (the drummer of Gandalf's Fist), Jordan Brown (the bass player of Davy O' List), Nicolas Nicolopoulos (the flute/sax player of Verbal Delirium), Pat Sanders, (the keyboard player and leader of Drifting Sun), and at some point near the end Jen showed up, from Melodic Revolution Records.
  As you can understand, most of the conversations were about the festival, the bands, the line up, the hours that the bands will appear on stage, etc... Everybody (including us) was in a great mood, and there were some times that we couldn't speak properly on the microphone, because we couldn't stop laughing.
 I really believe that last night's show was a blast, and everybody had some great time!
Here you can see the complete playlist:

1st Part: HAZE: The Last Battle / THE GIFT: Sweeper of Dreams / PENDRAGON: Paintbox / DAVY O' LIST: Second Thoughts.
2nd Part: STRAWBS: Tears & Pavan / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: Child of the Universe – Live / WISHBONE ASH: The King will Come / GANDALF’S FIST: The Circus in the Clearing.
3rd Part: CREDO: From the Cradle / CURVED AIR: The Dancer / ATOMIC ROOSTER: Break the Ice / HAWKWIND: Hassan I Shahba.
4th Part: VERBAL DELIRIUM: Close to You / PANIC ROOM: Velocity / KARNATAKA: Road to Cairo / IQ: Sacred Sound.
 I would like to thank all those who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us, hoping that you enjoyed it. A special thanks to Pat, Nicolas, Ben, Jordan, Stefan and Jen. Guys, it was lovely to have you on our chatbox once more! We'll see you in HRH Prog V festival in almost a month!
Thank you all! 😎

Saturday, February 18, 2017

GFreedom's Juke Box No.186

Good morning everybody! 😎
We have a beautiful and sunny Saturday morning here in Athens, and before start doing anything else, I decided to sit down and write my weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
So, from all the songs I've listened to during this week, I chose the following as the best ones:
CREDO: From the Cradle (Rhetoric - 2005)
CLIVE NOLAN: The Tide of Wealth (Alchemy - 2013)
WISHBONE ASH: The King Will Come (Argus - 1972)
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: We are the Darkeners (Bronze - 2016)
EDGAR BROUGHTON BAND: Hotel Room (Single - 1971/Edgar Broughton Band 2004 re-issue)
I will conclude this post as usual, by adding the YT links for the songs included in my list. In case you are interested, just click on the links to listen to the songs right away.
Enjoy the music, and have a beautiful and relaxing weekend.
Thank you.
CREDO: From the Cradle
CLIVE NOLAN: The Tide of Wealth
WISHBONE ASH: The King Will Come
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: We are the Darkeners

Friday, February 17, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show presents: HRH Prog V Festival (16-19/3/2017) North Wales.

  I'm writing this piece in order to inform you about the forthcoming special Prog & Roll Radio Show.
On this Sunday (19/2/2017) we will dedicate the whole show to HRH Prog Festival and the bands that will participate in it. HRH Prog is a 3-day festival, that will take place at Pwllheli in North 
  Both me and my wife will travel from Athens especially for this festival, and that's why we decided to dedicate our next show to it. We already contacted some bands and artists in order to invite them in our chatbox, and as it seems we are going to have some of them with us. I don't know yet who and how many, but the only sure thing is that some memebers of the bands that will play live there will be in Prog & Roll's chatbox on this Sunday.
  For this special and kind of unique show, we prepared an excellent playlist, including songs by some very famous and some not so famous bands,and I'm pretty sure that our listeners are going to have a very nice time. In case you are wondering about the bands that are included in the festival's line up and therefore in this Sunday's Prog & Roll, take a look at the concert's poster on the right.
 So, if you are free on this Sunday afternoon, tune in to Prog & Roll. You will not regret it!
  I would like to remind you that Prog & Roll is a live bilingual broadcast, and it begins at 20.00 UK time.
The only thing you'll have to do is to click on the following link at the time of the show:
I hope to "see" you there!
Thank you! 😎

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

MIKE OLDFIELD: Return to Ommadawn (2017)

  Mike Oldfield is back! You know, the extremely talented musician who recorded some real masterpieces in the past, like Tubular Bells, Hergest Ridge, Ommadawn,  etc.
So, after  a series of rather unsuccessful albums, (that had nothing to offer really), he decided to surprise us with this new brilliant album!
  Return to Ommadawn includes two long suites, which brings to memory the vinyl days. One song for each side of the vinyl edition of the album. (Those who grew up with vinyl albums know perfectly well what I’m talking about).
So, what we have here, are the two parts of the same suite, both instrumental and beautiful.
  Mike Oldfield is playing a big variety of instruments, including guitars, piano, bouzouki, banjo, accordion, mandolin, glockenspiel and percussions, among others.
  There is a strong “essence” of traditional English and Celtic music spread throughout the album, and that is something I think is wonderful, and improves the listening enjoyment. (Well, mine at least).
  The structure and the changing  tunes and motives of these two songs give the impression of different songs, but the truth is that it is always the same song; which keeps coming back to the repeatable main theme every now and then.
  I don’t know about you, but personally speaking I was kind of impressed. And although it is too early, I have the feeling that Return to Ommadawn is going to be one of the albums that will make the difference this year! To those that can appreciate this kind of music at least.
  If you want my advice, find/buy the album, put it on your device, (PC, CD, vinyl player, or whatever  device you use), pour a glass of wine, sit comfortable, and get ready for a beautiful "travel", having Mike Olfield’s music as the soundtrack. You will definitely enjoy it!
                                4.0 out of 5.0 stars.

Monday, February 13, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (12/2/2017). A small "review" and the complete playlist.

Hello all!
  Last night Prog & Roll Radio Show was on air once more, and today here I am, in order to tell you a few things about it and write down the show's playlist.
  When we started preparing last night's playlist, we wanted to make it somehow "different". We played a lot of "Prog" or Prog-related stuff lately, so we thought that it would be nice to add some bands and music genres or sub-categories that we don't play so often.
  We begun with a half-hour tribute to Black Sabbath, in order to honor them for their contribution in music. So, we begun out show with Sabbath Bloody Sabbath, followed by 3 more of their songs, covered by other bands.
After that, we changed the music style completely, as you will see in the list that follows. Also, the 4rth and last part was including only one song, taken from Mike Oldfield's brand new album. 
 We had a good crowd listening once more, and in our chatbox we had people from Greece, Englad and Mexico. We had more who were just listening, but I don't have any idea where they were listening from.
 Here you can see the complete playlist:

1st Part: BLACK SABBATH: Sabbath Bloody Sabbath / KUYSS: Into the Void / SOLITUDE AETURNUS: Heaven & Hell / METALLICA: Sabra Cadabra.
2nd Part: FRUMPY: Indian Rope Man / BLACK WIDOW: Lonely Man / THE 5TH DIMENSION: Aquarius-Let the Sunshine in / CHICAGO: In the Country / MIKE BLOOMFIELD  & AL KOOPER: Stop.
3rd Part: RALPH Mc TELL: Streets of London / SANDY DENNY & THE STRAWBS: Sail Away to the Sea / DONOVAN: Hurdy Gurdy Man / THE BEATLES: Strawberry Fields Forever / THE KINKS: Village Green / TIM BUCKLEY: Phantasmagoria in Two.
4th Part: MIKE OLDFIELD: Return to Ommadawn Pt.1
I would like to thank all those who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us. I hope you had some nice time, and enjoyed the whole thing.
We are preparing something unique and interesting for next Sunday, but I will not reveal anything right now. I will inform you about it with a post here, at some point during the week.
Thank you very much! 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

GFreedom's Juke Box No.185

Hello all!
Today it is Saturday, therefore it is time to write down (once more) my usual weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
I listened to lots of songs during this week, from many different genres and sub-categories, as you will realise by taking a look at my Top-5 list.
So, for this week, these are the songs I chose as my best ones:
OPETH: The Seventh Sojourn (Sorceress - 2016)
SUPERTRAMP: A Soapbox Opera (Crisis? What Crisis? - 1975)
TIM BUCKLEY: Phantasmagoria in Two (Goodbye & Hello - 1967)
MIKE OLDFIELD: Return to Ommadawn Pt.1 (Return to Ommadawn - 2017)
THE 5TH DIMENSION: Aquarius/Let the Sunshine in (The Age of Aquarius - 1969)
I will conclude this post as usual, by adding the YouTube links from of the songs that I have in my list, so you can listen to them right away if you want to. I couldn't find Mike Oldfield's nor Supertramp's songs though.
Enjoy the music and have a nice weekend!
OPETH: The Seventh Sojourn
TIM BUCKLEY: Phantasmagoria in Two
THE 5TH DIMENSION: Aquarius / Let the Sunshine in

Friday, February 10, 2017

PAIN OF SALVATION: In the Passing Light of Day (2017)

  Before anything else, I should mention that Progressive Metal was never my cup of tea. In my opinion, Heavy Metal music, Progressive or not, should be more direct and straightforward, and kick the listener’s ear with its power and killer guitar riffs.
  Now that I made myself clear, I can go on.
  I have a few Pain of Salvation albums in my music collection, but they never gained a special place in my heart. Their releases are usually decent, I listen to their albums from time to time, but that’s it. (In case you are wondering, the albums I got are: The Perfect Element (Pt.1), Remedy Lane, Road Salt One, and In the Passing Light of Day).
  As far as I learned, the band’s leader Daniel Gildenlöw had some very serious health problems, and he was struggling with them for enough time, and that is something that is reflected in the lyrics and the whole atmosphere of the album.
  The album begins with the 10+ minute-long On a Tuesday, which is a powerful epic. A very good song, despite the uninspired start. As the song evolves, it becomes really impressive. Tongue of God that comes next is also a very good and powerful song, and one of my favourites, followed by Meaningless, which I didn’t like so much.
Silent Gold is a very melancholic song, simple and beautiful.
  There is no point writing about all the songs one by one, because each person will have a different opinion. The point is that, the album includes some very good and some not so good moments. There are some songs I really like, some that are just ok, and some that I don’t like at all. 
 It is not a bad album, not at all, and I'm sure that the fans of Progressive Metal will appreciate it. 
As for me, think I will give 3 out of 5 stars, which I believe is a fair rating.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

GFreedom’s 2016 Top-10 album list. (The 5 albums that didn't make it to the Top-10)

Hello all!
  This is the 4th (and last part) of this series of posts. Here, I will write down the 5 albums that made it up to the final draft, but for some reasons didn’t made it to the Top10- list. I will say once more that my lists are based on the albums I’ve listened to throughout 2016, and not on every album's release. (That would be impossible anyway).
In case you are interested to check my Top -10 album list for 2016, here are the links for it:
 The following 5 albums are placed here without any order:
        PATCHWORK CACOPHONY: Five of Cups
  This is the 2nd studio work of the English musician Benjamin Bell, and his personal project Patchwork Cacophony. I have both his albums, and I must say that the improvement in this 2nd one is obvious in almost everything. The album is filled with beautiful melodies and piano passages, the compositions are rather complexed, but without becoming boring and tiring to the listener’s ear, and also, this time Ben is singing on most of the tracks. A very nice album that you can listen from the first ‘till the last track and enjoy its quality. In case you are interested to learn more about Five of Cups, here’s a review I wrote about it a few months ago:

             KANSAS: The Prelude Implicit
  This is an album I really enjoyed listening to! I don’t consider myself as a “fan” of Kansas, but despite that, I have many of their albums in my collection. I wasn’t expecting anything from this album to be honest, especially when I learned that the band’s most important members are not participating here. But despite all those facts, The Prelude Implicit is a wonderful album, which is a pure joy to listen to. In case you want to learn a few more things, here’s the review I wrote about it, almost 5 months ago:

         METALLICA: Hardwired to Self-Destruct
  I have been listening to Metallica since the release of Kill ‘Em All, back in the early ‘80’s. I have followed their releases and saw them live on many occasions. As you can understand, (like all their older “fans”), I didn’t care at all for their latest releases; like the horrible St. Anger, or even the - not bad - Death Magnetic. But this new album of theirs, is different than all the previous ones. The band seems to be in a good form, and as it seemed, they tried to return to the sound of their older albums, and especially Master of Puppets. The overall feeling I get is that, the inspiration is long gone, but because of their experience, they are in a position to record good albums still. Personally speaking, I believe that “Hardwired” is a good effort, but it is going to be easily forgotten, especially by their old fans. But despite all those things, it is a good album, and definitely a pleasant surprise.

                 OPETH: Sorceress
This album was one more very pleasant surprise to me! I never cared much for Opeth, but lately they have become more interesting, because of the major turn in their sound. Still, I wasn’t planning to buy the album, but a friend of mine brought the vinyl edition it to me as a present. First of all, the vinyl edition is fantastic! It comes in a beautiful picture double 180gr vinyl, with different paintings on each album. As for the music, I found it really interesting. You can take a look at the review I wrote about this album here:
Back then, I gave a rating between 3.0 and 3.5 stars to it, but after many listenings, the album “grew’ in me, and I believe it deserves something better than this.

          MATTHEW PARMENTER: All Our Yesterdays
Matthew Parmenter was the leader of the American underground Progressive Rock band Discipline. After the band split up, he followed a solo career, and All Our Yesterdays was his 3rd studio album. I can’t say that I was a “fan” of Discipline, or him, but I really loved this album! It is a rather melancholic, dark, pessimistic but melodic and beautiful piece of work, that the fans of Peter Hammill will love for sure. The fact that Matthew Parmenter is deeply influenced by the sound of Peter Hammill and Van Der Graaf Generator, is obvious from the beginning. All Our Yesterdays is an album that at some point I was listening to on and on, and every time I was discovering something new in it. Here’s the review I wrote about it, almost a year ago:

  I really hope that you enjoyed reading these 4 posts, and I was able to help you somehow.
Thank you very much for visiting!  😎