Friday, March 15, 2019

Peter Hammill Live in Athens (8/9-3-2019). The setlists...

A few days ago Peter Hammill, the legendary leader of Van Der Graaf Generator, visited Athens for two live gigs.
Having seen his live performances 4-5 times in the past, I decided to skip his gig this time.
As far as I heard and read, his performances were excellent  (as usual), and his setlists were based mostly on his solo works and included just a few Van Der Graaf Generator songs.  
And something very important: He played a different setlist each night.
Here you can take a look at the setlists:
My Room (Waiting For Wonderland) (VDGG song) 
Too Many Of My Yesterdays
Mirror Images (VDGG song)
The Unconscious Life
Losing Faith In Words
Amnesiac If I Could
Time For A Change
Labour Of Love
Friday Afternoon
Four Pails
Stranger Still
(This side of) The Looking Glass
Empire of Delight
The Mousetrap (Caught in)
After the Show
His Best Girl
I Will Find you
Lizzard Play (VDGG song)
Slender Theads
(On Tuesdays She Used to Do) Yoga
Once You Called Me
Sitting Targets
Faculty X
Your Tall Ship
A Better Time
In the End
Refugees (VDGG song)

Monday, March 11, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show, incl. song requests (10/3/2019). The complete playlist...

Hello all!
  Last night, one more Prog n Roll radio show was on air as usual. This time the playlist was including the songs that our listeners asked for. 
  During the previous weeks, we were asking from our listeners to request a song of their choice and we would play it during last night's show. Some responded, some others didn't.
  The truth is that once more the playlist was including some great songs, and it was kind of mixed up, as you will see by yourselves...
  So, here's the playlist from last night's show:
1st Part: THE NEAL MORSE BAND: Welcome to the World / SOEN: Covenant / THE LAST DETAIL: Man of our Time / SGT. TENCHIPOOS LONELY BLIMEY BAND: Mexico.
2nd Part: REO SPEEDWAGON: Dead at Last / QUEEN: The Prophet’s Song / BAROCK PROJECT: Broken.
3rd Part: VOID COMMANDER: Astral Bodies / UFO: Rock Bottom / LED ZEPPELIN: Immigrant Song / RAINBOW: Stargazer.
4rth Part: DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars? / MACHINES DREAM: Weimar / PORCUPINE TREE: Arriving Somewhere.
  I would like to thank all those who participated with the requests in last night's Prog n Roll and all those who keep listening to our show for so many years.
Thank you all!

Monday, March 4, 2019

Prog n Roll's special "epic" show (3/3/2019). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night we celebrated Prog n Roll's 250th broadcast with a special show that included only "epic" songs; and by "epic" I mean songs with a minimum length of 10 minutes.
  We had a good crowd listening once more, and we had lots of fun on the chatbox.
  The playlist was including mostly "modern" stuff and not old ones, as you will realise by looking at it. Because of the length of the songs, we played only eight, which were the following:

1st Part: KAYAK: Walk Through Fire / PORCUPINE TREE: Anesthetize.
2nd Part: GANDALF’S FIST: The Lamplighter (Pts IX – XIII) / DRIFTING SUN: Cascading Tears.
3rd Part: THRESHOLD: Lost in Translation / AYREON: The Day that the Wolrd Breaks Down.
4rth Part: STEVE HACKET: Those Golden Wings / MARILLION: Grendel.
I would like to thank all those who keep listening and supporting our show for so many years. Your love and support means a lot to us.
Thank you very much!


Saturday, March 2, 2019

PROG n ROLL Radio Show celebrates its 250th broadcast with a special "epic" show. (3/3/2019)

  I'm very glad to inform you that tomorrow, the online radio show Prog n Roll will celebrate its 250 broadcasts. We prepared a special playlist especially for the occasion, that will include only "epic" songs. (Meaning songs of a minimum 10 minutes in length).
  We are expecting a big crowd to appear on our chatbox, including lots of musicians from many bands around Europe.
  So, if tomorrow night/evening you think you'll be interested, here's the link of the radio station:
Prog n Roll is an online bilingual broadcast, that begins at 20.00 UK time (21.00 CET).
We hope to "see' some of you there.
Thank you!

Friday, March 1, 2019

STEVE HACKETT: At the Edge of Light (2019). My review...

  Earlier this year, the legendary ex-guitar player of Genesis, Steve Hackett, released his 26th studio album, named as At the Edge of Light. Having enjoyed his two previous works Wolflight and The Night Siren (but mostly Wolflgiht), I didn’t hesitate at all!
  I don’t know how to describe it, but this album begins where the previous ones stopped. It is more or less in the same style, but in my opinion is better than both of them.
  Steve Hackett (as it seems), decided that the style of music he wants to play is this; Progressive Rock with lots of Ethnic influences, and many soft melodic turns. He gave us a first idea of that style with – the very good – Wolflight, he went a step back with The Night Siren, and now it was the time for the killing blow! And that blow came with the release of At the Edge of Light.
  To be honest, I wasn’t so hopeful after The Night Siren, and that’s why I caught by surprise. Because, I still cannot believe how good this album is!
  Steve Hackett managed to “marry” his very rich Progressive Rock heritage with tunes from - mostly - Anatolian traditional music, and the result is simply breathtaking! Of course, the cherry on the cake is his top-notch guitar performance, but that’s not a surprise.
  The listener gets a first idea of what’s going to follow with the 2-minute-long Fallen Walls and Pedestrals, that works as the album’s intro. And then comes Beasts in our Time, one of the album’s finest moments without a doubt.
  But the album’s absolute highlight is (in my opinion) the 11-minute-long, Those Golden Wings, which, constantly shifts between gentle rhythms, orchestral backed vocals to a real ear-worm of a riff, to a Carmina Burana-esque choral section to be finally resolved with a three minute guitar solo.
  At the Edge of Light includes 10 tracks, and to be honest, to only one that I do not like (yet), is Shadow and Flame, because of its strong Indian influences that were never my cup of tea.
  I do not wish to continue writing more things, because there is no point doing that. If you take a look around the internet, read the reviews for this album, and even better, listen to it, you will understand why everybody’s talking about it.
  For me, this is a wonderful album, that shines above most albums that has been released during the last years. As for Steve Hackkett, I believe that this is one of his best works ever!
It is available in CD / DVD / digital format, and in double vinyl (incl. the CD).
Not paying attention to this album would be a huge mistake!
                  My Rating: 4.5 stars (out of 5.0)
If you click on the following YT link you will be able to listen to Those Golden Wings. 
Check it out!

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Prog n Roll Radio Show (24/2/2019). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  On Sunday the 24th of February, one more Prog n Roll radio show was online as usual. This was our 249th show, and next Sunday we will be celebrating Prog n Roll's 250 broadcasts.
  This time we wanted to do something slightly different, so we focused on the personal careers of musicians who became famous (or less famous) as members of a band or bands. So, the playlist included songs taken by their solo albums exclusively.
I'm certain that it was a very interesting and informative show, and I got the feeling that our listeners enjoyed it.
Here's the complete playlist:
1st Part: DAVID GILMOUR: Murder / ROGER DALTREY: Under a Ragging Moon / ROKY ERICKSON: Burn the Flames / PETER BARDENS: Write My Name in the Dust.
2nd Part: MAGGIE BELL: A Woman Left Lonely / DAVID BYRON: Man Full of Yesterdays / ROGER GLOVER: Little Chalk Blue / GARY BROOKER: Old Manhattan Melodies / JUDY DYBLE: C’est La Vie.
3rd Part: KERY LIVGREN: To Live for the King / BRUCE DICKSINSON: Jerusalem / ROBERT PLANT: Slow Dancer / BRYAN MAY: Back to the Light. 
4rth Part: PETER GABRIEL: Solsbury Hill / SANDY DENNY: Like an Old Fashioned Waltz / SIVERT HOYEM: My Thieving Heart (Live) / STEVE ROTHERY: Old Man of the Sea.
A very big thanks to all those who listened to our show once more.
On Sunday the 3rd of March we will celebrate our 250th broadcast with a special "epic" show. More on that later...

Friday, February 22, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show with The Windmill as guests is now available as podcast...

Hello all!
  I would like to inform you that the special Prog n Roll radio show we did on 17th of February is now available at Prog n Roll's mixcloud page.
 It was a very interesting and informative show, during which, we presented the latest album of The Windmill, Tribus. So, now you have the chance to listen to it whenever you like. It is there, waiting for you...
  If you want to find more info about it (and check the the playlist as well), just scroll down the page a little bit and you will find everything you need.
  Here's the link of Prog n Roll's page on Mixcloud:
If you visit our page, you will see more shows there, so you can listen to any one of them.
You can also subscribe if you want, and learn about every new upload immediately.
I hope that you will enjoy it!
Thank you

Monday, February 18, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show with The Windmill as special guests (17/2/2019). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night one more special Prog n Roll radio show was online, but this time with one week delay. On Sunday the 10th of February we were supposed to have the members of the Norwegian band The Windmill as our special guests and present their latest album Tribus, but everything went wrong. The day of the show we had a major problem with the radio station's server and we couldn't connect. So, we cancelled the show and we finally did it last night, with one week delay.
  So, we had the pleasure to have most of the band's members on our chatbox, together with many of our usual listeners, and members of other bands as well. 
 We had a great playlist prepared, especially for the occasion, that was including all 5 songs of the album Tribus, plus - not one - but two music quizzes!
The guys of The Windmill were kind enough to offer 2 very beautiful things to give out as prizes, and for that reason we did 2 music quizzes.
  The winner of the first quiz was Stefan from Germany who won a very beautiful T-Shirt of the band, and the second winner was Ben from UK, who won a signed CD copy of Tribus.
 I really believe that it was a very good and interesting show, and from time to time we had lots of fun on the chatbox.
I'm pretty sure that everybody enjoyed it, and the 2 hours passed really fast!
Here you take a look at the whole playlist:
Part 1: THE TEA PARTY: The River / RIVAL SONS: Tied Up / BLOOD CEREMONY: Ballad of the Weird Sisters / THE WINDMILL: Dendrophenia / PROGELAND: Dead Calm Waters.
Part 2: JUDY DYBLE: See Emily Play (Quiz) / THE WINDMILL: Play With Fire / JETHRO TULL: Nothing is Easy / THE WINDMILL: Storm.
Part 3: JOE COCKER: You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away (Quiz) / URIAH HEEP: Rainbow Demon / WEED: Sweet Morning Light / THE WINDMILL: Make Me Feel.
Part 4: STEVE HACKETT: Hungry Years / THE WINDMILL: The Tree. 
I would like to thank all those who chose to listen to our show once more, and especially the members of The Windmill for tuning in and for offering those nice stuff to give out as prizes.
Thank you all!

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

URIAH HEEP Live in Athens. (8/2/2019). The setlist and more...

 It has been almost 8 years since the last visit of the legendary Uriah Heep in Greece and more than 20 years since I last saw them live. For all those reasons, plus the fact that I really enjoyed their latest album, made me to decide to go and see their gig in Athens a few days ago.
Further than that, I also like the opening act, which was the Greek Symphonic Metal band Chrysilia.
The whole thing was very appealing to me, so I bought my ticket almost a month ago, and waited for the day of the concert to come.
  On Friday the 8th, together with my wife and some friends we went to Fuzz Club where the concert took place, and altogether enjoyed a very beautiful evening with great music by both bands.
Exactly on time, the Greek band Chrysilia came on stage, and played for almost 40 minutes. Their set was based on their debut album, plus one cover version, which, as far as their singer told us, will be included in their 2nd album.
  And right after them, Uriah Heep came on stage, and played for more than 100 minutes. Their set was including many songs from their latest album, which as I wrote above, is a very good one, so no problem there. But because a very big part of the setlist was occupied by their new songs, they didn't play some of their old classics, like for example, Sympathy, Traveller in Time, Bird of Prey, Blind Eye and many more.
 The truth is that both bands played very good, the people seemed to enjoyed it, so the night can be characterized as a successful one. 
  In my opinion it was a very entertaining gig which I really enjoyed. I only hope that Uriah Heep will come again soon, but without a new album, so we will be able to enjoy many of their old wonderful songs.
Here you can take a look at the setlists of both bands:
The Menalon Trail / Arcadia / Altar Οf Silence / The Mummer's Dance (Loreena McKennitt cover) / Desperate Wings / By Τhe Gates Οf Ypsus.

Grazed Βy Heaven / Return Τo Fantasy / Living Τhe Dream / Too Scared Τo Run / Take Away My Soul / Knocking Αt My Door / Rainbow Demon / Waters Flowin' / Rocks Ιn Τhe Road / Gypsy / Look Αt Yourself / July Morning / Lady Ιn Black. 
Encore: Sunrise / Easy Livin'.
By clicking on the following YT link you will be able to watch Lady in Black with the beautiful sing along by the crowd.