Wednesday, June 19, 2019


  The 3rd day of the Release Festival in Athens was a pure Metal one!
The line up included the Greek band Battleroar, the Norwegian band Imperia, Rhapsody of Fire from Italy, and Manowar from The United States as Headliners.
A very big crowd gathered that day, mostly for Manowar, and not so much for the other bands.
  Despite the not so good sound, Rhapsody of Fire played very good, but when Manowar climbed on the stage, there was a sound explosion that lasted for almost 100 minutes. The only complain that everybody had was that Manowar's setlist was not including not even one song from their legendary album Into Glory Ride. Further than that, Manowar's performance was powerful and excellent. (Let's not forget that their 2 basic members are almost 65
years old).
Here you can check the setlists of Rhapsody of Fire and Manowar:
Distant Sky
The Legend Goes On
Dargor, Shadowlord Of The Black Mountain
Courage To Forgive
March Against The Tyrant
Rain Of Fury
Dawn Of Victory
Holy Thunderforce
Master Of Peace
Emerald Sword


Οf Τhe World United 
Blood Οf My Enemies 
Brothers Οf Metal Pt.1
Τo Arms
Οf Doom
Οf Odin
Hector's Final Hour
Ιn Τhe Wind
Battle Hymn
Thor (The Powerhead)
Kings Of Metal
Bass Solo
Fighting The World
Hail And Kill
The Power Of Thy Sword
King Of Kings
House Of Death
Joey's Speech
Black Wind, Fire and Steel


Tuesday, June 18, 2019

RELEASE FESTIVAL, ATHENS, GREECE - Day 2: IGGY POP & JAMES. The complete setlists.

  The Athenian Release Festival took place at a beautiful place near the sea, like last year, if I
remember well.
  The second day of the festival included the names of The Dark Rags, The Noise Figures, Shame, James and Iggy Pop as the headliner.
A big crowd was gathered as expected, mostly to watch James (who are very popular in Greece), and of course Iggy Pop.
Here you can take a look at the setlists of James and Iggy Pop..
Come Home
Ring The Bells
Nothing But Love
What’s It All About
Johnny Yen
Picture of This Place
Many Faces
Getting Away With It (All Messed Up)
Sit Down

I Wanna Be Your Dog
Gimme Danger
The Passenger
Lust for Life
Skull Ring
I'm Sick of You
Some Weird Sin
Repo Man
Search and Destroy
T.V. Eye
Mass Production
The Jean Genie (David Bowie cover)
No Fun
Down on the Street
Real Cool Time
Five Foot One
Real Wild Child (Wild One) 
Red Right Hand (Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds cover)

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

MADRUGADA Live in Athens, Greece (7-8/4/2019). The complete setlist.

  A few days ago, the Norwegian band Madrugada gave 3 live gigs in Greece. One in Thessaloniki
and 2 in Athens.
  Madrugada are extremely popular here, that's why the tickets pre-sale was so high that not only they had to change the venues a couple of times, but they also added one more day in Athens. So, the two live gigs became three (in total).
As far as I know, more than 30.000 people attended these three concerts, which is a rather big number.
  This year, Madrugada were celebrating the 20 years since the release of their debut album Industrial Silence, and for that reason the first part of their gig was dedicated to that album. Right after that, during the 2nd part, they played songs from their other albums.
 Sivert Hoyem's voice was amazing once more, and the band's performance was excellent!
  If you learn that Madrugada are playing somewhere near you, try not to miss them!
Here's the concert's setlist, followed by a couple of videos:

1st Part
This Old House
Strange Colour Blue                        
Norwegian Hammerworks Corp.
Quite Emotional
2nd Part
Black Mambo
Hands Up - I Love You
Only When You're Gone
Honey Bee
What's on Your Mind?
The Kids Are on High Street
Valley of Deception

Check the videos:



Thursday, April 4, 2019

Goodbye G+... (2/4/2019)

  Two days ago, Google closed down G+.
It was a decision the company took for its own reasons.
  I was a G+ user for a few years now, I created a couple of communities there, and followed 4-5 more.
  I'm guessing that things didn't woked out as Google had planned, so they decided to close it down.
  Speaking for myself, I would like to say a very big 'thank you' to all those people who joined my communities, followed this blog and checked my posts.
  Most of G+ users has been moved to MeWe, and so did I. It is very similar to G+, but it includes a few more fun things.
So, the chapter that was named as G+ closes here.
Thank you all!
Goodbye G+...

Thursday, March 28, 2019

SOEN: Lotus (2019). My "review"...

  After the release of the very good Lykaia (2017), SOEN returned with an even better album.
  I added the album in my collection almost a month ago and I keep listening to it on a rather often basis. Yes, I will agree with all those who are stating that SOEN sound like a mix of Tool and Riverside on many occasions, but that’s not the case. Every band in our days is influenced by other bands, and that is something not very easy to hide.

  The feeling I get when I listen to Lotus is that this time SOEN tried to move away from their usual Tool-like sound, and create something new and more personal. Have they succeeded? Well, not exactly. Still, their influences are present and obvious, but the band seems to be heading into a new musical direction. And that is something good in my opinion.
  The album includes lots of powerful moments, and a few melodic ones, like for example the wonderful title song.
  Every fan of this style of music will definitely find some songs to like in Lotus, but speaking for myself, the songs I like the most so far are: Lunacy, Covenant, Martyrs and of course Lotus.
  I am not going to get into details for each song separately, because my opinion doesn’t really matter, since each person has its own point of view. But I strongly recommend to listen to this album, but not only once. Give it some time and be sure that it will grow on you.

  For me, Lotus is one of the best releases of 2019 so far.
                   Totally recommended!
                    My Rating: 4.0 Stars

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show (17/3/2019). The complete playlist...

Hello all!
  A couple of days ago, one more Prog n Roll radio show was on air as usual. This time we had nothing special prepared; just some good music.
  Once more, we divided the 2 hours of our show into 4 half-hour parts, and we played different stuff on each part. For example, the 2nd half-hour included only new releases.
  In case you are interested, here's the complete playlist:

1st Part: MIKE OLDFIELD: Tricks of the Light / PANIC ROOM: The Waterfall / KARNATAKA: Tide to Fall / DAMANEK: The Crawler.
2nd Part: TIM BOWNESS: Rainmark / RED BAZAR: Nothing Left / JOOST MAGLEV: Ever After / STEVE HACKETT: Beasts in Our Time.
3rd Part: THIN LIZZY: Black Rose / RAINBOW: A Light in the Black / IRON MAIDEN: Phantom of the Opera.
4rth Part: HORISONT: The Night Stalker / SULFUR GIANT: Vertigo / WITCHWOOD: A Place for the Sun / SIENA ROOT: We are Them.
  I would also like to inform you that on Sunday the 24rth of March we won't have a show. Prog n Roll will return on Sunday the 31st of March.
Thank you all!
Take Care.