Monday, November 26, 2012

Prog & Roll Radio Show #9: Last Night's Playlist..

Hello everybody!
Last night we had our Radio show on the internet radio that many of you probably know already.
This time we tried to play some bands that we never played before, and also mix up the music styles a bit. I believe that the result was good. People seemed to enjoyed it at least...
As for next Sunday (2/12), we are preparing the second tribute to The Lord of the Rings as we had promised a couple of weeks before. I hope it will be a good show like the first one...
And here is the playlist from last night's broadcast:

THERION: Midgard / SHADOW GALLERY: Ghost of a chance / ECHO: The Illusion / PINK FLOYD: Dogs of War / BLACK MOUNTAIN: Angel / QUEEN: Innuendo / RENAISSANCE: Ocean Gypsy / STRAWBS: Tears & Pavan / VDGG: Wondering / HAYWARD-LODGE: Maybe / CHICAGO: Questions 67&68/ BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS: Spinning Wheel  / BABE RUTH: The Mexican / SANTANA: Oye Como Va / TRAFFIC: Glad / BIG BIG TRAIN: Last Train / GENESIS: Afterglow / MOSTLY AUTUMN: We come and we go / MOODY BLUES: The Land of Make Believe / SUPERTRAMP: A Soapbox Opera / MERCURY REV: Tonight it Shows.