Monday, August 4, 2014

GFreedom's channel on YouTube. One more update...

Hello all!
  As many of you know already, a few months ago I opened my personal channel on You Tube.
Every now and then I'm writing here a post in order to inform you about the progress of it.
Since last Saturday it exceeded the number of 10.000 visits, which is something really encouraging.
  I have made 4 playlists with different music themes in order to be easier for you to find songs from the music style you like. Maybe in the future I will create more playlists, but for the moment I think these 4 are enough.
  So far the playlists are: 'Rock in General' (including 62 songs), 'Folk - Rock' (including 18 songs), 'Hard & Heavy' (25 songs), and 'Progressive' (124 songs). But because I'm uploading songs in an almost daily basis, as you can understand these numbers are changing very fast.
   I want to thank all of you who are visiting, commenting, sharing and listening to the songs I'm uploading.
I also want to say a very special thanks to the 40 people who have subscribed so far. (This is another very encouraging fact for me).
 All of you who might be interested to pay a visit to my channel and you don't know how to find it, here's the way: Open YouTube, go to 'Browse Channels' and write 'George Eleftheriou'. Then press 'Search'. It will be most probably on the top of the list, and you can recgnise it from my avatar which is 'The Jester'.
 Thank you for reading this...