Saturday, February 21, 2015

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.116

One more Saturday came, and here I am in order to write down my weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
I listened to lots of music during this week from many music genres, so once more it was hard to pick only 5 songs.
After thinking a bit on the subject, I decided that my best 5 songs are the following:
CAMEL: Air Born (Moonmadness - 1976)
JANIS JOPLIN: Get it while you can (Pearl - 1971)
BLACK SABBATH: The sign of the southern cross (Mob Rules - 1981)
EMPTY YARD EXPERIMENT: Nostalgia (Empty Yard Experiment - 2011)
JETHRO TULL: Baker street muse (Minstrel in the gallery - 1976)
I will conclude this post by adding 2 videos with songs from my list for you to listen to.
So here's 'Air Born' by Camel, and 'The sign of the southern cross' by Black Sabbath.
Enjoy the music, and have a beautiful weekend!
Thank you for visiting. :-)