Monday, October 5, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (4/10/2015). A "review" and the full playlist.

Hello all!
   Last night one more Prog & Roll radio show was online. This was the 2nd show for the new season (2015-2016), and as we announced we were going to reveal the changes we are going to do in the show from now on. All those who are listening to Prog & Roll for some time now, are familiar with the fact that every now and then we are adding or removing some of the show's elements, in order to make it more and more interesting.
  So, for this season we decided the following: The music contest and the "epic" song remains, and we are going to add 2 new elements: The 'Album of the Month' and the 'Listener's Happy Hour'.
 Let me explain what are these 2 elements, and how they are going to work:
1. Album of the month: At the first show of each month, we are going to present a specific album, by playing 2-3 songs out of it, and providing interesting information about it. The albums we are going to present will be in most occasions from famous bands, and can be from many different musical genres.
2. Listener's Happy Hour: In order to thank our devoted listeners for the love and support they are showing to us and our show, we created 'listener's happy hour'. In the second hour of the last show of each month, we are going to play their song requests. The only thing they have to do, is send an e- mail to our mailing address, asking for a song they would like to listen to during that hour. 
 I'm glad to say that everybody seemed to enjoy the new additions, and we already received the first 3-4 e-mails with song requests.
  And because last night was the first show of October, we presented the first 'album of the month'. The album we picked to present was 'Fire of Unknown Origin' recorded by Blue Oyster Cult. During the show, we played 3 songs from this album, and we said some interesting - I hope - info about it.
  As for our audience, we had many people once more, from many different countries. We had listeners from Greece, Turkey, Northern Ireland, England, France and Mexico.
 Last night's playlist was including 19 songs in total, which are the following:

1st Part:VAN MORRISON: Wild Night / TIM BUCKLEY: Move with Me / TRAFFIC: Medicated Goo – Live / JETHRO TULL: Nothing is Easy / CARAVAN: Hello Hello.
2nd Part: BLUE OYSTER CULT: Joan Crawford / THIN LIZY: Chinatown / URIAH HEEP: Love or Nothing / BLUE OYSTER CULT: Burning for You / RORY GALLAGHER: Overnight Bag.
3rd Part: BLUE OYSTER CULT: Veteran of the Psychic Wars (music contest) / MARILLION: He Knows You Know / TALISMA: Dementia / AYREON: Time Beyond Time.
4rth Part: SUPERTRAMP: If Everyone was Listening / ILUSSION: Wings Across the Sea / PROCOL HARUM: Grand Hotel.
"Epic" song:MANFRED MAN’S EARTH BAND: Father of Day, Father of Night.
I would like to thank all those who joined and listened to Prog & Roll last night, and I hope that you enjoyed it.
Thank you! :-)