Friday, April 22, 2016

PRINCE passed away at the age of 57...

  I don't think that this post will surprise or shock anybody, because since yesterday the news of 
Prince's death were spread like a wild fire.
I just felt I had to write down a small post for this very big musician who died so suddenly and under unidentified causes.
  So, Prince was found dead in an elevator yesterday, with the causes of his death not been clear. (So far at least). There are runors that a few days ago he needed an immediate treatment to recover from a drug overdose (other sources say it was a flu), but he refused to stay at the hospital.
 But it really doesn't matter what was the cause of his death; what does matter is that one of the most charismatic musicians and composers passed away so suddenly and at a young age.
 I don't consider myself a fan of Prince, but I did respected him a lot.
R.I.P Prince, the music world is surely a different place without you in it...
P.S: For those who haven't watched the video from the Amercian Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Awards with Prince performing on stage "While my Guitar Gently Weeps" together with Tom Petty, Jeff Lynn Steve Winwood and others, I strongly recommend to click on the following link. Pay extra attention to Prince's guitar solo in the second part of the song.