Wednesday, August 9, 2017

BIG BIG TRAIN: The Second Brighter Star (2017)

   The Second Brighter Star is the 11th studio album of the English Prog Rock band Big Big Train, that followed the release of their  previous album Grimspound, with only two months difference. Grimspound was released at the end April, and “Brighter Star” at the end of June.

   That was a little unexpected, and caught many people (including me), by surprise.
  As far as I understood (and read), in “Brighter Star” the band decided to include songs that were not included in their two previous albums, together with a few older songs that have been rearranged. The original versions of those songs can be found in Folklore and Grimspound.
  In the review I wrote about Folklore, I mentioned that after the release of the two excellent albums English Electric Pt.1 & 2, the band went a step back with Folklore. Grimspound that followed, was a good album, better than Folklore in my opinion, but I’m afraid I can’t say the same for this last one.
  The Second Brighter Star is not a bad album, but nothing special either. Yes, the usual melodic and melancholic style of Big Big Train is present once more, but the compositions as less inspired and less interesting. (Always in my opinion). The sound is rich, including many instruments and the production is very good, but that’s not enough I’m afraid.
  The best moments here are: The Second Bright Star (the album’s opening track), followed by the very interesting rearranged versions of London Plane and Brooklands.
  This is an album that I could recommend to the fans of Big Big Train, who I can guess that bought it alredy. As for those who are not fans of BBT, you can try it of course, but I do not recommend it. Better try English Electric Pt.1 & 2, and Grimspound.
       I’m afraid I cannot give more than 3.0 out of 5.0 stars.

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