Monday, October 2, 2017

PROG & ROLL Radio Show, including the presentation of Clive Nolan’s KING’S RANSOM. A small review and the complete playlist. (1/10/2017).

Hello all!
  Last night we had the long anticipated radio show, that was including the extended presentation of the new Rock Opera/ Musical, King’s Ransom by Clive Nolan. We worked very hard for almost 3 weeks for this show, but the result was really excellent!    
So, last night’s Prog & Roll was all about musicals. 
  It was divided into 3 uneven parts, with the 2nd and 3rd being dedicated to the presentation exclusively. As for the 1st, we played songs from other Rock musicals and/or Rock Operas, mixed with parts of the interview we took from him a couple of weeks ago.
  We had a good crowd listening, from many different countries, including many musicians once more. We also had the honour to have Clive Nolan on the chatbox, for the 2nd time this year, together with his PR manager Magda, and the Director of the theatre productions of Alchemy and King’s Ransom, Ian. 
  Furthermore, we also had Clive himself as the narrator of the 2 acts of the musical. So, at the beginning of each Act, he was explaining to us and to our listeners what was going to happen.
  I believe that it was a very interesting and different show, and that was proved by the fact that almost no one left till the end. Everybody was chatting with Clive, while listening to his wonderful music.
  I would like to say a very big thanks to Magda, because without her, none of those things would have happened, and to Clive for being a part of last night’s show. Also, a very big thanks to all those lovely people, who are there on every Sunday to support us and our show.
  Here is the complete playlist from last night:
Part 1: O.S.T Rocky Horror Show: Sweet Transvestite / O.S.T: Little Shop of Horrors: Dentist! / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.1 / O.S.T: Faust: How Great Our Lord / O.S.T Jesus Christ Superstar: Heaven on their Minds / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.2 / O.S.T: Phantom of the Opera: Phantom of the Opera Theme Song / Clive Nolan (from ALCHEMY):  The End Justifies the Means / Interview with Clive Nolan Pt.3 / Clive Nolan (fromALCHEMY): Amelia.
Part 2: KING’S RANSOM’S Presentation:
ACT 1: Intro by Clive Nolan / Prologue / Overture / Narration by Clive Nolan / Poison Runs the Course / Silent Army / Salvation has a Name / The Deal is Made / A Country on the Brink / Solitary Man.
Part 3: ACT 2: Interlude and Narration by Clive Nolan / In Harm’s Way / In the Palm of My Hand / Stand Fast / Serpent in the Grass / Turning the Tables / St. Paul’s / Epilogue.

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