Friday, February 10, 2017

PAIN OF SALVATION: In the Passing Light of Day (2017)

  Before anything else, I should mention that Progressive Metal was never my cup of tea. In my opinion, Heavy Metal music, Progressive or not, should be more direct and straightforward, and kick the listener’s ear with its power and killer guitar riffs.
  Now that I made myself clear, I can go on.
  I have a few Pain of Salvation albums in my music collection, but they never gained a special place in my heart. Their releases are usually decent, I listen to their albums from time to time, but that’s it. (In case you are wondering, the albums I got are: The Perfect Element (Pt.1), Remedy Lane, Road Salt One, and In the Passing Light of Day).
  As far as I learned, the band’s leader Daniel Gildenlöw had some very serious health problems, and he was struggling with them for enough time, and that is something that is reflected in the lyrics and the whole atmosphere of the album.
  The album begins with the 10+ minute-long On a Tuesday, which is a powerful epic. A very good song, despite the uninspired start. As the song evolves, it becomes really impressive. Tongue of God that comes next is also a very good and powerful song, and one of my favourites, followed by Meaningless, which I didn’t like so much.
Silent Gold is a very melancholic song, simple and beautiful.
  There is no point writing about all the songs one by one, because each person will have a different opinion. The point is that, the album includes some very good and some not so good moments. There are some songs I really like, some that are just ok, and some that I don’t like at all. 
 It is not a bad album, not at all, and I'm sure that the fans of Progressive Metal will appreciate it. 
As for me, think I will give 3 out of 5 stars, which I believe is a fair rating.