Friday, September 28, 2012

Prog & Roll Radio Show an Update...

Hello! :)
That is a post concerning last night's broadcast.
It was our first one, so I will write my impressions here...
Well, it was great! :)
Our broadcast lasted for 2 hours, and both us and the visitors had some great time as far as I know!
The chatbox was on fire, and at some points we were laughing a lot with the crazy comments there.
Because it was out first radio show, we wanted to have a theme.
And the theme was: 'The Prog round of the world in 2 hours'.
So we played music from bands all over the world. (Well, almost!). We surely left many out, but we did the best we could in these 2 hours.
Some of the bands we played were: Genesis, Marillion, Arena, Rush, Pavlov's Dog, Kansas, Sienna Root, The Mars Volta, Kingston Wall, Focus, Jane, PFM,Will-O-the-Wisp,
and we kept Dead Can Dance for the end...
Many people visited and listened to our show, and many didn't.
We knew some of them, and we got to know the others.
We were a nice warm company last night, and that was something I really enjoyed.
Now I am waiting for the next show, and I hope we will make it even better!
I want to thank you for spending 2 hours with us, because together we made a very warm and beautiful night...
Thank you all! :)