Monday, February 12, 2018

Prog n Roll Radio show, including Kayak's new album presentation. (11/2/2018). The complete playlist.

Hello all!
  Last night, one more Prog n Roll radio show was online as usual. 
  This time, our show was including an interview we conducted with the leader and keyboard player of the Dutch band Kayak, Mr. Ton Scherpenzeel, mixed with some songs taken from Kayak's latest album, Seventeen. (Among other things of course). 
  We were also expecting Mr. Scherpenzeel to appear in our chatbox as our guest, but that never happened. As it seems, there has been a misunderstanding, and he didn't know that he had to be there, so he had other plans. But he told us that he was going to try to appear even for a while. But finally he couldn't make it.
  That was real pitty, because we had a good crowd listening, and some people were waiting to "meet" him.
  But despite that, we proceed with the show as planned, and I dare say it was a very interesting and enjoyable one! 
  Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

1st Part: BIG BIG TRAIN: Judas Unrepentant / THE SAMURAI OF PROG: On We Sail / KAYAK: Somebody / BROKEN PARACHUTES: False Prophets.
2nd Part: Interview with Ton Scherpenzeel Pt.1 / KAYAK: Falling / ARENA: Tears in the Rain / THE FLOWER KINGS: Ghost of the Red Cloud / KAYAK: Walk Through Fire.
3rd Part: Interview with Ton Scherpenzeel Pt.2 / KAYAK: All that I Want / DRIFTING SUN: Soldiers / GANDALF’S FIST: Battle for Tannhouser Gate / KAYAK: Love Sail Away.
4rth Part: Interview with Ton Scherpenzeel Pt.3 / KAYAK: God on Our Side / CLIVE NOLAN: Stand Fast / KAYAK: La Peregrina.

 I would like to say a very big thanks to all those who chose to spend their evening with us and our show. I hope you had some nice time.
Thank you!

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