Thursday, February 22, 2018

KRAFTWERK Live in Athens with a special 3D show! (3/3/2018)

  I am writing this piece to inform you that in almost 2 weeks from now, the legendary German band Kraftwek will visit Athens for a special 3D show.
  Kraftwerk begun their career in the mid 70's and they are considered to be the pioneers of Electronic music.
  This year, they are touring with a very special show, which is designed to be completely 3D. For that reason, they will be giving special glasses to the entrance to each person. These grasses will have on them the logo of Kraftwerk and the name of the tour.
  I have seen Kraftwerk once in the past and they were really good. So, I cannot even imagine what will happen now with this 3D show. For that reason, I already bought my ticket and I am waiting for the day of the concert to come.
  If you live in Athens or you will be here as a visitor, I believe that this is a unique event that you shouldn't miss!
  In case you are interested, just click on the following link for tickets. (On the upper right part, you will be able to change the language to English).

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