Monday, November 12, 2012

PROG & ROLL Radio Show. Last Night's Playlist.

   Good morning all!
   Last night we had one more Radio Show, as many of you know already.
It was nice fun, and I think all the people who logged in had some nice time.
I will put here last night's playlist, so all of you can check it and see by yourselves what songs we played.
   As for next Sunday, we are preparing a very special show, that you shouldn't miss!
On the second hour of our show, we will make a presentation to a rather unknown (but very good) Rock Opera. It is a concept album with a Sci-Fi/Fantasy theme, including 11 singers and 12 musicians.
   So, we will be telling the story of the album, and how the plot is evolving, and in the meantime we will be playing songs from this album. Most probably the broadcasting on this show will be only in English, with a few comments in Greek.
I believe that it's gonna be a great show!
I will put here another post the day before as a reminder.
   Now, here is last night's playlist:

PINK FLOYD: Time / JETHRO TULL:Broadsword / KANSAS: The Wall / AKACIA: The Grace of God / 
M.OLDFIELD: Shadow on the Wall / LED ZEPPELIN: The Rover / MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: Earth Hymn / INDUKTI: Freder / HAGGARD: Lost (Robin's Song) / RHAPSODY (Of Fire): The Magic of the Wizards Dream (Music Contest) / ANUBIS: A Tower of Silence / NOSTRADAMUS: Shadow in the Rain / MOSTLY AUTUMN: Half the Mountain / QUEEN: Bohemian Rhapsody / SANTANA: Oneness / D.BOWIE: The Man who Sold the World / THE MOODY BLUES: Never Comes the Day / URIAH HEEP: The Park / B.O.C: Nosferatu / ASTURCON: Anada Pa La Mio Aidina.