Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tales from the Progressive Oceans Part. 10

                          ELOY : Power and the Passion

   This is Eloy's fourth album, released in 1975, and it was the band's first effort to make a concept album. At first they were thinking of making this album a double one, but after their manager insisted against that idea, they abandoned it. (I think their manager was right here).
The main theme of the album is the travels through time, but in a very naive and 'hippie' approach in my oppinion.
  The main character is Jamie, (Frank Borneman) who is trying to achieve a travel through time by experimenting on drugs. (!)
   The album's first track is 'Introduction', which is actually a prelude played on organ, and is followed by the song Journey into 1358. Here we meet Jamie for the first time, and he explains what he is trying to achieve, and how. It is a short 'spacy' track, that prepares the listener for the -10 minute long- Love over six Centuries.
Here we see that after so many experiments he finally succeeds to travel in time. Great Stuff! hehehehe
In this song we see Jamie traveling back in the year 1358, where he meets a local medieval girl (Mary - Davis Smith) (Not a member of the band), and he persuades her to try marijuana.
Then we have a dialog between them expressing their feelings and emotions after having smoked the weed.
 (As I wrote before, it is a very 'hippie' approach!).
  Anyway, many things are happening in the story, but I'm not here to analyze it. I'm just making a presentation of the record.
   And this record is the first really 'epic' record from Eloy. The first in a line of 3 excellent records actually. 'Power & the Passion', 'Dawn' and 'Ocean', are Eloy's masterpieces in my opinion.
If you want to start exploring Eloy's music, this record is the best way to start. And then continue with the other 2 of course.
I strongly recommend this album, not only to the Progressive Rock fans, but to the fans of Rock music in general.
In the following video you can listen to the song 'Mutiny' from this album...