Friday, June 7, 2013

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: The End...

Hello everybody!
   I'm writing this post to inform you that our radio show Prog & Roll reached at an end.
Due to some difficulties we are facing in our lives we have to stop here. There is a possibility that maybe after some months we will be able to start again, but nothing is certain.
   So, on this Sunday 9/6 we will have our last broadcast. We will make a special last show, because we want to close with something nice. First of all we asked from our audience to send us a mail with a song that they would love to play for them in this last show. We have many requests so far, and we will play them all! For that reason our playlist will be kind of mixed, and we will play many music styles. Further than this, because of the many requests, but also because it will be the last show, we decided to expand it to almost 3 hours. (Instead of 2). So get ready for a radio Rock 'party' this Sunday night!
We would really love to see many of you join us, so altogether will enjoy3 hours of good Rock music.
   I want to remind you once more that the broadcast is in English and Greek language, so everybody will be able to understand what we are talking about. Our program will start at 20.00CET and as I mention before it will last 3 hours. (For those who are confused with the hour, here is a small example: 20.00CET means: Greek time 22.00, Italy time: 21.00, English time: 20.00)
   You can join in by clicking at this link: Just in Case Progressive Radio
Hope to see you there...
Thank you in advance! :)