Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Riverside Live in Athens (2/6/2013)

That was a concert I would have really liked to see, but unfortunately I wasn't able to be there.
So as usual, I did a small research, read a few reviews, and I'm writing a post here based on those reviews.
  Riverside in one of the bands that their fame grows really very fast in the last years. They play  ProgressiveMetal, and they are really good. Their influences seems to be bands like Dream Theater and Tool, but also classic bands like Pink Floyd for example. The released 5 records so far, with the last one being released in January 2013. So this tour they are on right now, is the promotion tour for this last album.
   During this tour they gave 2 concerts in Greece, one in Thessaloniki and one in Athens.
The reviews I was able to find were about the Athens concert only, so I will write only about this concert.
   The played in a club with capacity no more than 1.200 people, but it wasn't full. From what I read off, I'm guessing there must have been 800 people at maximum there. Really pitty...
   The band stepped on the stage on the exact time that had been announced, and they stayed there for almost 2 hours. They had a very good light show, but the real impressive thing was their sound. Loud and perfectly clear from the first 'till the last minute! Their set list was based on their last 3 records, and they didn't play almost any song from the first 2. That was kind of dissapointment for some fans, but in my opinion it does make sense, because after the first two records they changed their sound and style a lot.
   They played all the songs similar to the record versions, but they did tried a few small changes which improved them in most occasions. They gave the impression of a very 'tight' band and their total performance was excellent!
  Further than these, the singer had a small surprise in his sleeve for the fans: At some point he gave a small speech in very good Greek, showing his respect to the audience.
In a nutshell the band showed on stage that it exceeds in quality and talent, and it's only a matter of time to become the 'next big thing'
   Here you can see the whole playlist:
 New Generation Slave
The Depth Of Self-Delusion
Feel Like Falling
Driven To Destruction

Living In The Past

02 Panic Room (epilogue)

We Got Used To Us
Egoist Hedonist
02 Panic Room
Escalator Shrine

Encore 1:

Left Out

Encore 2:

Conceiving You

Celebrity Touch