Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BLACK SABBATH: 13 (2013)

   A couple of months ago (and to be more specific on the 10th of June) a new album came out in the market that was the dream of millions of Black Sabbath's fans for over 30 years now. A Black sabbath album with the original line-up! (Well, almost...)
   From the original members of the band only Bill Ward (drums) is absent here, and he is replaced by Brad Wilk (Rage Against the Machine & Audioslave). But the best news here is the return of Ozzy. No matter if we like it or not, Ozzy always had been the main attraction in the band. And now he is back!
   In our days we see many reunions from bands of the 70's (mostly), but not always with a great success. But this time what we have is a reunion with a very good album! And what does a "very good album" mean?
Well, it means that here we have an album with excellent production (of course), very good compositions, which includes all the elements that made Black Sabbath so famous everywhere. The dark and gloomy atmosphere, the lethal guitar riffs, the heavy bass line, the bizarre voice of Ozzy, everything is here once more! It's like it was recorded 30-35 years ago. The only "weakness" for me is the fact that their music don't seem to have the "power" of the early Black Sabbath albums. But that's only normal. Let's don't forget that almost 35 years have passed since their last (and not so good) release. So, under those circumstances I believe that it's a very good record. And despite the fact that many parts of the songs can bring to you the memory of other Black Sabbath songs, it is still a very enjoyable record to listen. It is a real Black Sabbath record folks!
  So, if there are any Black Sabbath fans that are reading this post and haven't purchased the record yet, my advice would be to go to the nearest record store and buy it! You won't regret it...
P.S: There are 2 versions available. The normal one which includes 8 songs, and the deluxe edition with 3 extra songs. I got the normal one, so I have no opinion on the 3 extra songs...
And here is the whole tracklist of the album:
1. End of the Beginning (8:05)
2. God Is Dead? (8:52)
3. Loner (4:59)
4. Zeitgeist (4:37)
5. Age of Reason (7:01)
6. Live Forever (4:46)
7. Damaged Soul (7:51)
8. Dear Father (7:20)
Deluxe Edition bonus tracks:
9. Methademic (5:57)
10. Peace of Mind (3:40)
11. Pariah (5:34)

In the following video you can watch the opening song "End of the Beginning". (I can't help but noticing how much it reminds the song "Black Sabbath" though...)