Friday, October 18, 2013

Prog & Roll radio show presents: "The Meaning of Life"...

Hello folks!
On next Sunday GFreedom Team will present one more Prog & Roll radio show, at the usual hour on the usual internet radio station.
This time we are preparing something special for you. During the first half-hour we will make a tribute to Monty Python's career and we will play some famous songs and parts from their movies. The reason for this small tribute is to commemorate Graham Chapman who passed away 24 years ago.
 But further than that, we will have some surprises in our playlist which this time will be rather different than usual.
  Also we were informed that there is a big possibility the 2 basic members of the new (and very good) English band Spiral Key will join us in the chatbox and they will speak with everybody online at the time. In case they will log in, we decided to save a spot or two for their songs from their first album in our playlist.  
   Well, this is the info I can share with you at the moment. If you want to log in and listen to our show, have in mind that the broadcasting is in English & Greek language, and it starts at 20.00GMT. (20.00 UK time, 21.00 Italy time, 22.00 Greek time), and lasts for two hours.
You can log in by clicking this link: Just In Case Prog Radio
See you on Sunday night!
Thanks for reading... :)