Tuesday, September 30, 2014

SIVET HOYEM (Ex Madrugada) Live in Athens. The Playlist...

A few days ago, the ex-singer and former member of the Norwgian band 'Madrugada' gave 2 sold out live shows in Athens.
Madrugada happens to be very famous in Greece, and now that they are separated, their singer is following a solo career, and his visits in Greece are rather frequent.
 Being a fan of Madrugada since their first album (1999), I was lucky enough to see them on stage 5 times, and after their disbanding I saw Sivet Hoyem performing live twice. So I had no need to go once more to the concert. But as far as I heard and read, it was a very good one. The only bad thing for me is that he doesn't play enough songs from Madrugada anymore, and the playlist is based on his solo albums. (Which is logical).
Here you can see the whole playlist from the concerts:

Majesty (Madrugada)
Give It A Whirl
Red On Maroon
Endless Love
What's On Your Mind? (Madrugada)
Ride On Sisters
Into The Sea
Görlitzer Park
Honey bee (Madrugada)
Wat Tyler
The Hour Of The Wolf (Madrugada)
Inner Vision
Where Is My Moon
Return To Nothing Special
Prisoner Of The Road
The Kids Are On High Street (Madrugada)
Moon Landing