Thursday, September 11, 2014

TV Series: The Blacklist (Season 1) - 2013

  One of the things I did during the holiday period was to watch some series, and in the following days (or weeks), I'll be writing here a few things about them.
 I will start with the first season of 'The Blacklist' which was the first one I watched.
 I found the main idea very interesting, and as I was watching it I was hooked by the scenario and the fast pace of the story.
  The main story goes like that: The former US goverment agent Raymond "Red" Reddington who happens to be one of world's most wanted fugitives suddenly turns himself in. In the first episode we watch him as surrenders himself to the FBI, but not without a reason. He has a proposal in his hands and he tries to make a deal. The deal is that he is offering help to the FBI in order for them to be able to find and arrest (or kill) some of the world's most notorious and wanted criminals, terrorists etc, and he has already prepared a blacklist with their names. (Hence the title of the series). In return for his help they will set him free, and drop all the charges against him.
 But further than that, he has a main demand which is that we will be speaking only with Elizabeth Keen, a young FBI profiler who's barely out of Quantico, and they don't seem to be connected somehow. But that's only the one side of the story. As you will find out if you watch 'The Blacklist', there are many other stories which are hidden and they made the things more & more complicated. For example there is also one more basic story that runs in the background, (which is the most interesting I think), but I'm not going to reveal it here.
 In the role of Raymond Reddington we see James Spader, and I have to admit that he gives a very good performance. In the role of Elisabeth Keen we see Megan Boone, which I never heard off before, and to be honest I wasn't crazy about her acting. But I'm not sure if the problem was her acting of the role itself.
 The whole first season consists of 23 episodes, and each episode has a running time of almost ah hour. (If I remember well). The second season will start soon, and I am kind of impatient to see what's going to happen next.
If I had to rate this first season I would give something between 7.5 - 8.0. (IMDB has a rating of 8.2)
I tried to upload a video trailer from YouTube here for you to watch, but for some reason it's not happening. If you are interested, go to YouTube and check it there please.
I hope you found this post informative.
Thank you for reading. :)