Monday, December 21, 2015

PROG & ROLL'S Special Christmas Show. A 'Review' & the complete playlist.

  As I have mentioned in the post below, last night we had Prog & Roll's Christmas Special Show. My opinion is that it was a really great one, and the people seemed to enjoy it a lot. The only problem was that my wife and co-host was very sick, and she tried very hard to be there for the show. And up to a point she did, but after 1.5 hours she just couldn't go on anymore and she left.
 During the 2 hours of the show, we played many Christmas songs in slightly different versions than the ones you are used to, and furthermore songs that were inspired by Christmas. But that's not all. We had also a birthday AND a wedding announcement! One of our faithful listeners had his birthday yesterday, and that's why he asked for Jethro Tull's song 'Too Old to Rock n Roll, Too Young to Die'. And of course we did play it.
Well, what can I say? We really enjoyed last night's show, we had lots of fun, lots of laughters, and it was a very sweet and warm atmosphere in the chatbox.
As for the complete playlist, you can see it here:

CHARLIE PARRA: Jingle Bells / JETHRO TULL: A Christmas Song / BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: We Three Kings / O.S.T 'THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS': What’s This & Town Meeting Song / ALICE COOPER: Santa Claws is Coming to Town / TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: Come All Ye Faithful & Holy Night / ERIC ADAMS: Silent Night / PROCOL HARUM: A Christmas Camel / O.S.T 'SOUTHPARK': Oh Tannenbaum & Christmas in Hell / GROHL-GIBBONS-LEMMY: Run Rudolph Run / THE RAMONES: Merry Christmas / JETHRO TULL: Too Old to Rock n Roll, too Young to Die / The 12 Days of Progmas / THE PROG WORLD ORCHESTRA: Frankincense / SLADE: Merry Christmas Everybody / STEVIE WONDER: Someday at Christmas / JOHN LENNON: Happy Xmas (War is Over) / QUEEN: Thank God it’s Christmas / LOREENNA Mc KENNITT: In Praise for Christmas / ROB HALFORD: Oh Holy Night / O.S.T 'SOUTHPARK': Merry F*%$@# Christmas / TWISTED SISTER: Deck the Halls / IOMMI – DIO: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / FINALE: We Wish You a Metal Christmas. 
 GFreedom Team would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who logged in last night, and to all those who are supporting us during these 4 years that our show is active.
                              MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! :-)