Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX Live in Athens, Greece (23/11/2016). A small review and the consert's setlist

  On the 26th of November, Crippled Black Phoenix landed in Athens for a live gig at Fuzz club, a rather small but beautiful venue.
  Despite the terrible weather and the heavy rain, enough people gathered, including me and my wife. We were one of the first that arrived actually, so we were on the first line, right in front of Justin Greaves, the band’s leader. 
  I have seen CBP a couple of years ago, but this time was different. The band had a new line-up, including 8 members, and a new - and very good - album to promote; so everything was sounding very promising.
  After the very good Greek supporting act, it was the time of Justin Greaves and his bandmates to come to the stage, supported by the sounds of Dead Imperial intro, and some – simple but nice  – visual effects. One by one took their places, checked their equipments and the storm begun! They played for almost 2.5 hours presenting a powerful - and kind of noisy in parts – setlist, that was based on their new album ‘Bronze’. (If you are interested you can read the review I wrote about ‘Bronze’ here:
  CBP have a special bond with Greece and their local fans, that’s why every time they play here they give everything they got on stage! A proof of that was, when at the last song of the concert Justin Greaves went berserk, and came down with his guitar and became one with the crowd.
  Trying to compare the concert I’ve seen two years ago with this one, I think that I liked the setlist of the other concert more, because it was including some songs I really love (like Fantastic Justice for example), but this time the band performed better.
The sound wasn’t as good as it should, and especially the backing vocals had a big problem. I still remember the keyboard player singing, but nobody was listening to her voice.
  After the concert’s epic finale with the usual Burnt Reynolds including the - also usual - crowd’s sing along and Justin’s crazy attitude, we remained in the area and met with Justin Greaves and Daniel Änghede. They signed on the setlist as you can see in the picture, took some pictures altogether, had a chat, and we talked about having them as special guests in Prog & Roll radio show. I don’t
know if it is going to happen, time will tell I guess…

  Concluding this piece, I have to say that it was a very good performance, everybody (including the band) had some great time, and now the only thing that remains is to see when they will visit Greece again; and be sure that they will…