Friday, June 2, 2017

ROGER WATERS: Is this the life we really want? (2017)

  This is probably the best Pink Floyd-related album you will ever listen to!
  Today is the official release of ‘Is this the life we really want?’ the brand new album of - the almost  74 years old - Roger Waters.
  After touring around the world with 'The Wall' since I don’t know how many years, he decided that it was time to release his new album, which is probably the best album of his solo career.
Roger Waters can be proud of this album, because this is his best work since his days with Pink Floyd. (Since The Wall, to be exact).
  A deeply political – once more – album, including melancholic but beautiful moments, (like Déjà Vu, for example), mixed with more powerful Pink Floyd-influenced songs (Picture that, for example), overcoated with a very good production.
   For those who grew up with The Wall, the album will sound very familiar to their ears. All the ingredients that Roger Waters used for The Wall are present once more. Well, maybe the compositions are less inspired this time, but who could blame him for that?
  For the recordings almost ten musicians were used, and the production was made by Nigel Godrich, the producer of Radiohead.
According to the press release, the album contains “unflinching commentary on the modern world and uncertain times”.
The album contains 12 tracks and has a total running time of 55 minutes. It is available in CD, Vinyl, and Digital format.
   I listened to this album 3 times so far, and every time I discover more and more things that I like in it. Also, it is very difficult for me to pick just a few songs, because I see it as a massive piece of work, and not just as songs that were gathered to fill an album.
  But despite that, I will try to mention a few songs that I like the most; which are the following ones: Déjà Vu, Picture that, Broken Bones and Smell the Roses.
  Is this the life we really want? is a very good album, definitely worth buying! I am not going to use words like “modern masterpiece” etc, but it is a very good work, which most probably will enter my annual top-10 album list for 2017.
Give it a try!
                   My rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 stars.


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