Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Prog & Roll's Top-10 song list is uploaded as a podcast (radio season 2016-2017)

Hello all!
  After a long Summer break, it is almost time for the new radio season to kick in. But before that,
I thought of sharing with you the show that was including the Top-10 song list of the previous season. The really interesting thing is that, the list was built month after month, by our listeners and not by us.
  As some of you know already, during the last season we were playing the "Grade the Song" game with our audience, and at the end of each month, we were having the "Song of the Month" contest. There, we were playing the 3-4 songs that gathered the highest average rating during the month, and our listeners were grading them once more, but in a more serious manner so to say. And finally, the song with the highest average rating was announced as The Song of the Month.
  Now, knowing that Prog & Roll was on air for 10 months, you can understand where this Top-10 list came from. (1 song for each month X 10 months).    
  So, at the end of July, we had the final show of the season, where we presented the Top-10 list to our listeners. They did deserve it after all!
 And now, a few days before Prog & Roll's new season, I decided to upload on our page on Mixcloud that show, for you to listen and enjoy!
 Have in mind that I uploaded the 3 (out of 4) parts of the show, which are the ones where we presented the Top-10 list.
Also, you should know that the broadcast is in English and Greek.
 If you visit our page on Mixcloud you can listen to some other shows that are uploaded there as well, if you are interested of course.
Just click on this link:
 I hope you will like it!
Thank you!

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