Thursday, September 14, 2017

STEVEN WILSON: To the Bone (2017). My point of view...

  Before anything else, I think I should write that I consider myself as a “fan” of Porcupine Tree, but not Steven Wilson as a solo artist. I have all the albums he released either with Porcupine Tree or Blackfield, together with his solo albums.
  When I heard the first rumours about his new album To the Bone, I must say that I was surprised. Steven Wilson will be releasing a Pop album? How is that even possible?

  Well, everything is possible you know, especially when some gifted and talented musician is fed up, and he wants to try something different. That’s not bad in my opinion, especially since he kept his usual high quality standards intact.
  Many people rushed to “bury” him, but I don’t understand why. David Bowie for example, was praised by doing the same thing. He never stood still, and for that reason he was called the “chameleon” of Rock music. He played many different styles, he changed his image I don’t know how many times, and he was worshiped for that. So, why are you accusing Steve Wilson for trying to do something like that? (I am not trying to compare these two musicians, I am trying to set an example).
So, To the Bone is really a Pop album? The answer is no! Is it a Prog album? Again, no!
  This time Steven Wilson tried to combine many different music styles, including Pop, Rock, Prog, etc. And the result is this really enjoyable album, easy to listen to, which is including some really fine moments.
  There are songs here that will remind you his days with Porcupine Tree, some others that sound like Blackfield, and some others that doesn’t sound like anything Steven Wilson did before. But they do sound like Peter Gabriel of the 80’s for example, or even Abba!
As you can probably understand, To the Bone is a music “salad” which is including some fine ingredients in it.
I don't believe that the “devoted” Progressive Rock fans will appreciate it a lot to be honest. But all the others will definitely find something that they will like in it.
Favourite songs: To the Bone, Pariah, Blank Tapes, and Song of Unborn.
                  My rating is 3.5 (out of 5.0) stars 
By clicking on the following YT link you will be able to listen ot Pariah, and get a first idea.

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