Saturday, June 23, 2018

GFreedom's Juke Box No.229

Hello all!
This week I was so busy that I couldn't find time for almost anything. I don't know what's wrong lately, but my free time becomes less and less with each passing day. I try to find some peace and quiet to enjoy some music, but it is never enough...
 The truth is that I did listen to some good music during the week, so today I can write here my usual weekly Top-5 song list for you.
Here it is:
GHOST: He is (Meliora - 2015)
DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars? (Hunky Dory - 1971)
SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century (Crime of the Century - 1974)
GENESIS: The Musical Box (Nursery Cryme - 1971)
OSCILLAZIONI ALCHEMICO KREATIVE (OAK): Danse-Macabre (Giordano Bruno - 2018)
If you want to listen to the songs in my list just click on the following YouTube links:
GHOST: He is
DAVID BOWIE: Life on Mars?
SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century
GENESIS: The Musical Box
OAK: Dance-Macabre
Enjoy the music folks and have a great weekend!
Thanks for visiting...

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