Thursday, January 17, 2019

BLOOD CEREMONY Live in Athens - The setlist plus videos...

  A few days ago, the Canadian heavy Rockers Blood Ceremony visited Athens for the first time.
  It was a concert that I would be very interested to go, but unfortunately other things got in the way and couldn't make it.
  A good friend of mine went though, and he told me that they were excellent. They had a few problems with the sound at the beginning, but after 2-3 songs it was fine.
Although I was kind of sad that I couldn't see them, after checking their setlist I realized that they didn't play almost any of my beloved songs, so it's ok...
 In case they are playing at a place near you and you are thinking of going, maybe you should check their setlist first. (I am talking about the setlist they played in Athens).

The Great God Pan
Goodbye Gemini
Drawing Down The Moon
Half Moon Street
Hop Toad
Lolly Windows
Lord Of Misrule
Lord Summerisle
Oliver Haddo
I'm Coming With You
Hymn To Pan
Old Fires
My Demon Brother

Click on the following links to watch video from the gig:

Monday, January 14, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show (13/1/2019). The complete playlist...

Hello all!
  Last night one more Prog n Roll radio show was online as usual. This time we had nothing special prepared; no special guests, no presentations, not even a music quiz. Just a simple show with good music, which was a mix of old classics and modern stuff.
  We had a good amount of people listening, but not as many as other times. It was a quiet and enjoyable show, and I believe that our listeners had some good time.
Here you can take a look at the playlist:
Part 1: CAROLE KING: I Feel the Earth Move / PAUL Mc CARTNEY & WINGS: Nineteen Hundred and Eighty Five / THE ROLLING STONES: Sympathy for the Devil / JOE COCKER: With a Little Help from My Friends (Live).
Part 2: ILLUSION: Madonna Blue / RENAISSANCE: Opening Out / CAMEL: Air Born / SUPERTRAMP: Crime of the Century.
Part 3: SULFUR GIANT: Below the Hollow Mountain / WITCHWOOD: A Place for the Sun / SIENA ROOT: There and Back Again / BLACK MOUNTAIN: Angels / MONDO DRAG: Pillars of the Sky.
Part 4: MACHINES DREAM: Airfield on Sunwick / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Echoes Pt.1.
I would like to thank all those who chose to spend their evening with our show. Much appreciated!
Thank you all! :)

Friday, January 11, 2019

Prog n Roll incl. the Top-15 album list of 2018 is now available as podcast...

Hello all!
  I would like to inform you that the special radio show that we did on 6th of January 2019 is now available as podcast in Prog n Roll's page on Mixcloud.
  During that show we presented our Top-15 album list of 2018. It was a very interesting and definitely informative show, so if you missed it or you want to listen to it again, you can find it there.
  To visit Prog n Roll's page on Mixcloud just click on the following link:
  There, you will find more selected shows to listen to, whenever you are in the mood for that. You can also subscribe and follow our page if you want.
Thank you!

Monday, January 7, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show (6/1/2019). The Top-15 album list of 2018. The playlist...

Hello all!
  Last night one more special Prog n Roll radio show was online, this time with the presentation of the best albums of 2018. The whole show was dedicated to the presentation, so there wasn't any space left for anything else.
  A few days later, I will write here a series of posts where I will present the Top-15 album list more detailed, as I do every year. But for the moment, you can have a small idea by checking last night's playlist.
  As I said last night during the show, usualy we are making a Top-10 list, but this year we did an extended version. The reason is that I wanted to add a few live albums that I really liked, that usualy are not included in Top10 - album lists, cause they are not offering something new. So, I decided to make a Top-15 list, and add them there.
  I dare say that last night's show was a very good and informative one, and the people that were listening seemed to enjoy it a lot!
Here you can take a look at the whole playlist:

ARENA: The Mirror Lies / ASHBURY: End of all Time / AYREON:  The Theory of Everything (Live) / BIG BIG TRAIN: Telling the Bees (Live) / DAMANEK: Skyboat / GALAHAD: Dust / GHOST: It’s a Sin / HEIR APPARENT: The Door / IMPERIAL AGE: The Monastery / KAYAK: Walk Through Fire / MAIDEN UNITED: Empire of the Clouds Pt.2 / O A K: Diana Morgana / RIVERSIDE: Vale of Tears / URIAH HEEP: Dreams of Yesteryear / STEVEN WILSON: Arriving Somewhere but not Here (Live).
Thank you all!

Friday, January 4, 2019

Prog n Roll radio show presents: The Top-15 album list of 2018...

Hello all!
  It is rather common at the end of each year, or the beginning of the new one, for music stations,
musical press, radio shows etc, to announce their Top-10 or Top-15 album lists.
  Prog n Roll couldn't be an exception to that, so, on this Sunday the 6th of January we are going to present our list with the 15 albums of 2015 that according to our opinion were the best. Usually we were presenting a Top-10 list, but this time we decided to expand it a bit, because we wanted to add a couple of live albums and a couple of special editions.
 (Later on, I am going to write down a few posts in this blog, present these albums one by one, provide a few info about them and maybe add a couple of videos as well).
 So, if you are in the mood, grab a pen and a notepad and tune in and listen to Prog n Roll, on this Sunday.
Our show is a live bilingual broadcast, and you can hear it online, at this address:
It begins at 20.00 (UK time) / 21.00 (CET). 
I hope to "see" some of you there.
Thank you!

Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Happy New Year!

Hello all!
2019 is already here, and I would like to wish to you, your families and your beloved ones a year full of love, happiness, personal success, and everything that you can possibly want.
Let's all try to be better persons and think of our fellow citizens who are facing problems and need help.
Happy New Year everybody!

Monday, December 31, 2018

The last Prog n Roll radio show of 2018 (30/12/2018). The playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night, after a 2-week break, the last Prog n Roll radio show of 2018 was online, with a special show that we prepared for our listeners.
  If you read the previous post, you'll see that, a few weeks ago we told them that they could ask for an "epic" song, and we were going to play it during the last show of the year. Some people responded, many others didn't. So, last night's playlist was created by our listeners completely.
  Also, we had 2 brand new songs to play in a worldwide radio premiere, that were sent to us by some of our listeners who are members in the bands Gandalf's Fist and Drifting Sun.
  Because we had lots of long songs, last night's show was an extended one. It begun half hour earlier, and it finished 20 minutes later than the usual time.
  From the first minutes I realized that it was going to be a great show, not only because I already knew the playlist, but also because I saw that there were many people gathered, all of them in a very good and jolly mood.  
And I was right! The whole thing was a blast! Everybody was having fun, chating, laughing, and the almost 3 hours of the show passed really quickly!
 We had people listening from Greece, Northern Ireland, Germany, England, USA and even Australia!
 I must say that I am very pleased with the whole show, the music, the audience, the fun, everything!
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

URIAH HEEP: July Morning / KARNATAKA: The Gathering Light / CALIGULA’S HORSE: Dragonfly / PATCHWORK CACOPHONY: Brand New Day / MARILLION: The Invisible Man / MONKEY3: Icarus / THE RE-STONED: Faces of Earth / EVERSHIP: Ultima Thule / GANDALF’S FIST: Leader of Men / RAINBOW: Stargazer / OUTLAWS: Green Grass & High Tide / DRIFTING SUN: Cascading Tears / GENESIS: The Knife (Live).
  I would like to thank all those people who are listening and supporting our show, cause their love and devotion gives us the stength to carry on and always try to improve.
  Prog n Roll will be on air again on Sunday the 6th of January 2019, where we are going to present the best releases of 2018, according to our taste of course.
Have a great New Year's Eve everybody!
Thank you all!


Saturday, December 29, 2018

Prog n Roll radio show returns with a special "epic" show! (Sunday 30/12/2018).

Hello all!
  After a 2-week break, the internet radio show Prog n Roll returns on the 30th of December for the last show of 2018. 
  We wanted to make something special, so we asked from our listeners to request one "epic" song each, and we promised that we will play their request during the last show of 2018. 
(With the term "epic" we mean songs that are over 10 minutes in length).
  Many people responded, but many others (thank God) didn't. Because we already gathered a good amount of songs to play, and because all of them are long enough, the show is going to be an extended one. I can't imagine what would happen if more people were deciding to send us their requests. Most probably we would have to make a 4-hour-long show, or something like that.
  Especially for the occasion, Prog n Roll will begin half hour earlier, and probably will finish half hour later than usual. So, we are talking about an almost 3-hour-long show.
 But that's not all. We also have 2 small surprises prepared for our listeners, but I can't say more on the matter.
  So, this Sunday the 30th of December, tune in to Prog n Roll, for some good music and some very warm company on the chatbox.
  The show will begin at 19.30 UK time (20.30 CET), and as I wrote above, it will last for almost 3 hours.
  I'm reminding you that Prog n Rol is a live bilingual broadcast.
If you care to listen, just click on the following link on Sunday, at the hour I mentioned above.
I hope to "see" some of you there.
Thank you very much!

Tuesday, December 25, 2018


Hello all!
  I would like to wish to you, your families and your beloved ones Merry Christmas!
  I hope you will have a great Christmas day filled with love and happiness!

Tuesday, December 18, 2018

PETER MURPHY & DAVID J (BAUHAUS), live in Athens (14/12/2018). The complete setlist...

  As I wrote in my previous post, a few days ago, the singer and the bass player of Bauhaus gave a concert in Athens, celebrating the 40 years since the release of the band's debut album In the Flat Filed. They actually did a long tour celebrating the release of that album, that ended in Greece with one concert in Athens and one of Thessaloniki, the next day.
  I went to the Athen's gig and I really enjoyed it. Ok, I wasn't expecting to see Peter Murphy like he used to be 20 years ago, so I can say I was pleased with the band's overall performance.   My only complain is that, for some unknown reason, they skipped the 2nd encore that they usually did in their previous performances. So, we missed the chance to listen to Ziggy Stardust and Telegram Sam.
 But further than that, the concert was good, and the setlist was including many of the band's finest moments.
Here you can check the complete setlist:

Double Dare
In The Flat Field
A God In An Alcove
Spy in the Cab
Small Talk Stinks
St. Vitus Dance
Stigmata Martyr
Burning From The Inside
Silent Hedges
Bela Lugosi's Dead
She's In Parties
Kick In The Eye
The Passion Of Lovers

King Volcano
Kingdom's Coming
Severance (Dead Can Dance cover)

Here's Bela Lugosi's Dead, live from Athens: