Saturday, December 10, 2016

PROG & ROLL Radio Show welcomes Evership (11/12/2016)

  I'm writing this piece in order to inform you that on this Sunday's show (11/12/2016), we are going to have as "guests on the chatbox" Shane Atkinson and Beau West, the heart and soul of the very promising American band Evership, together with some of their bandmates.
  This year Evership released their self-titled debut album, which in my opinion is one of the best releases of 2016 without a doubt. (You can read the review I wrote about this album if you scroll down this page a bit).
  As far as it seems, we are going to have many more musicians in our chatbox, such as Benjamin Bell and Colin Tench (to name a few) who will tune in, in order to listen to the show and have the opportunity to chat with the members of Evership.
  From our behalf, we are going to play 3-4 songs out of Evership's brand new album, and have the usual friendly chat with them. We also have some questions ready for them, some serious and some fun ones.
  In my opinion, this show is going to be a very interesting and enjoyable one, not to mention that you will have the opportunity to "meet" and speak with all those musicians that are going to be gathered in Prog & Roll's chatbox.
  So, in case you are free and in the mood for some good music and an interesting and friendly radio show, tune in to Prog & Roll. The show is a live broadcast, and it begins at 20.00 UK time.
In case you want to listen, just click on the following link, this Sunday, at the time I mentioned above.
I hope to "see" some of you there!
Thank you! 😎

GREG LAKE passed away (10/11/1947 - 7/12/2016)

A couple of days ago, Greg Lake passed away at the age of 69, after a long struggle with cancer.
Greg Lake was a member in two of the greatest Progressive Rock bands of the 70's, King Crimson and Emerson Lake and Palmer. His death followed the death of his bandmate Keith Emerson, just a few months ago.
The sad catalogue of musicians that died during 2016 unfortunately continues...
I could write many things about his career, but I feel that there is no need to. You can find hundreds of articles and posts on the internet about him, just make a small research if you are interested.
R.I.P Greg Lake, thank you for the wonderful music that you left behind for us... 

Wednesday, December 7, 2016

EVERSHIP: Evership (2016)

 This is definitely one of the biggest surprises of 2016 for me, and one of the best albums I’ve listened to, during this year. ‘Evership’ was a name that meant nothing to me, until I heard ‘Silver Light’ for the first time. Oh, if you could only see my expression at the time! I felt like a kid that just discovered a new wonderful candy!
  I conducted a small research in order to learn more, which as it proved wasn’t that hard, because lately many people are talking about them. Something also tells me that this is only the beginning. Well, I hope so at least!   
  Now let’s get to the point! Evership is a band from Nashville, that is based upon two people: Shane Atkinson, who is a composer and multi-instrumentalist, and Beau West who is the lead singer. And what a singer! Beau is one of the best singers I’ve had the pleasure of hearing recently! I’ve read that many people describe the colour of his voice Freddie-Mercury-like, although I wouldn’t get that far. In fact, there is no reason to try to compare him with anyone actually, because he has a wonderful voice, and his overall performance on the album is excellent! I think that’s what really matters. But Shane and Beau are not alone in this. Behind them there is a whole band, including some very good musicians as it is proved in all the songs of the album.       
  Evership’ is the band’s debut album, and it is something they were preparing for many years. Let’s hope that we will not have to wait that long for their next one.
  The album opens with the really excellent ‘Silver Line’, which I can’t stop listening to! The thing is that, every time it sounds better and better to my ears, and the same happens with the whole album. And right after that, comes the – almost-12 minute-long – epic ‘A Slow Descent into Reality’ that is divided into 6 parts; another really great song. With so many twists and turns that I lost count, is one of the album’s best moments in my opinion. I could recommend you to buy this album only for these 2 songs, but you know what? There’s more!
Next, comes the -10-minute-long – Evermore, which is divided in 2 parts, ‘Eros’ and ‘Agape’ both Greek words, describing in a different way the word Love. At the beginning of this song I realised why some people compare Beau West with Freddie Mercury, but still… Good song, but not one of my favourites in the album. (The general style of Evermore has a strong Queen “essence” in my opinion).
Evermore is followed by another long piece, Ultima Thule, a rather slow and relaxed track in the beginning, that is changing over and over again as time passes. Very good song and excellent performance by Beau West once more.
The 5th track of the album - which is the longest one - is the wonderful Flying Machine; a real epic! During the almost 14 minutes that is its length, gives the listener the opportunity to close his eyes and let his mind fly with the help of the music.
   If I had to describe the album in a few words, I could say that it is a wonderful travel for the mind to far and wonderous places with the wave of music. I don’t know if I am describing it properly, but to me is exactly that. Because music is not mathematics, music is pictures, feelings, ideas and passion. And this album includes strong doses of all those things!
That’s why I will give 5 stars and I will say a very big ‘Thank you’ to Evership for this wonderful piece of art that they offered to us!
                              HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Monday, December 5, 2016

PROG & ROLL Radio show on 4/12/2016, with Colin Tench as special guest. A small “review” & the complete playlist.

Hello all!
  As I have announced a few days ago, last night in Prog & Roll’s we had the pleasure and honour to have Colin Tench as special guest in the chatbox. But he wasn’t alone. Gordon Bennet and Sonia Mota tuned in as well. Gordon did the orchestra arrangements and played a few instruments in Colin’s album; and Sonia is the artist that made the beautiful cover. 
  We had a big crowd listening last night, from many countries (and continents), such as England, Greece, Northern Ireland, Unites States and Mozambique to name a  few.
  During the 2 hours of the show, we played some parts of the interview we did with Colin a few days ago, we listened to 4 songs from his album, and altogether we talked about many things through the chatbox. I really think it was a fun and pleasant show, and everybody seemed to enjoy it.
  We also did our usual music quiz, and two of our listeners  won a copy of ‘Hair in a G-string’ that Colin had the generosity to offer as a prize. The winners were Benjamin Bell from England and Kudosarian from Northern Ireland. Congratulations to both of you, enjoy your new CD!
  At some point near the end of the show, something funny happened, which totally blew my mind! At the beginning of the last part, I announced that on our next show on the 11th of December, we are going to have Shane Atkinson – the leader of the band Evership – as special guest, together with some of his bandmates, and a few seconds later he appeared on the chatbox! To be honest, I thought that someone was making jokes with us, but as it seemed Shane was listening to our show the whole time, and at that point he decided to join the chatbox. But imagine my surprise! Hahaha. And with that, you just found out about who we will have as special guest(s) in our next show.
   I would like to say a very big thanks to everybody that tuned in last night and listened to our show. We are really honoured to have such lovely people from all over the world listening to us. A special thanks to Colin Tench for everything, and to Gordo and Sonia for joining our show. I hope that all of you enjoyed the music and the show in general.
Thank you all!
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

1st Part: UNREAL CITY: Dell’ Innocenza Perduta / MYSTERY: Wall Street King / Interview with Colin Tench Pt.1 / THE COLIN TENCH PROJECT: Hair in a G-String Pt.1.
2nd Part: MIKE HERON: Stranded in Iowa / THE BEATLES: While My Guitar Gently Weeps / THE COLIN TENCH PROJECT: Can’t See it Any Other Way / Interview with Colin Tench Pt. 2 / THE COLIN TENCH PROJECT: And So, Today / SUPERTRAMP: Lord is it Mine.
3rd Part: GUADALCANAL DIARY: And Your Bird Can Sing (Music Quiz) / STYX: Come Sail Away / Interview with Colin Tench Pt. 3 / THE COLIN TENCH PROJECT: Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Screwed.
4th Part: RENAISSANCE: Air of Drama / BIG BIG TRAIN: The Transit of Venus Across the Sun / THE NEAL MORSE BAND: Broken Sky – Long Day (Reprise).

Saturday, December 3, 2016

GFreedom's Juke Box No.180

  After a week's break, my usual Saturday 'Juke Box' post is back again.
In case you are wondering, this post is my weekly Top-5 songlist, especially for you. From all the songs I am listening during each week, I pick 5 and post them here.
So, for this last week, these are the songs I chose as the best ones:
FISH: High Wood (A Feast of Sequences - 2013) 
SUPERTRAMP: Lord is it Mine (Breakfast in America - 1979)
THE NEAL MORSE BAND: Broken Sky / Long Day (Reprise) (The Similitude of a Dream - 2016)
THE COLIN TENCH PROJECT: And so, Today (Hair in a G-String - 2016)
VAN MORRISON: Santa Fe, Beautiful Obsession (Wavelength - 1978)
By clicking on the following YouTube links you will be able to listen to the songs in my list and have an idea. I couldn't find the Supertramp's studio version of Lord is it Mine, so I added the one of Rodger Hodgon that I found in YT, which is the same actually.
FISH: High Wood
RODGER HODSON: Lord is it Mine
THE NEAL MORSE BAND: Broken Sky/Long Day (Reprise)
VAN MORRISON: Santa Fe, Beautiful Obsession

Friday, December 2, 2016

Prog & Roll Radio Show welcomes Colin Tench. (4/12/2016)

   I’m writing this piece to inform you about the forthcoming Prog & Roll radio show on Sunday the 4th of December.
  We are glad to announce that we are going to have as special guest on the chatbox the Englsih musician and composer Colin Tench, who is a member of Corvus Stone but also other projects as well. This year, Colin released his first solo album Hair in a G-String, which in my opinion is a brilliant album. (You can read the review I wrote here:  
  One of the proofs of the album’s quality is the second position that it holds in Prog Archives annual list with the best albums of 2016. For a long period of time it was at No.1, but now has gone down one spot, and Neal Morse’s new album went to No.1. 
  A few days ago we did an interview with Colin via skype, recorded it, and we are going to play some parts from it during the show, mixed with some of his songs.
  Colin is a very interesting, cool and fun person, that’s why I really believe that this Prog & Roll is going to be a very interesting and jolly one.
Especially for the occasion, we are preparing a rather melodic and nostalgic playlist, so have no doubts about the music…
  Have in mind that Prog & Roll is a live broadcact, mostly in English, but also Greek as well, in some occasions. It begins at 20.00 UK time and lasts for 2 hours.

In order to listen, just click on the following link on Sunday the 4th of December, at the time I mentioned above:
Hope to “see” you there!
Thank you! 😎

Wednesday, November 30, 2016

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX Live in Athens, Greece (23/11/2016). A small review and the consert's setlist

  On the 26th of November, Crippled Black Phoenix landed in Athens for a live gig at Fuzz club, a rather small but beautiful venue.
  Despite the terrible weather and the heavy rain, enough people gathered, including me and my wife. We were one of the first that arrived actually, so we were on the first line, right in front of Justin Greaves, the band’s leader. 
  I have seen CBP a couple of years ago, but this time was different. The band had a new line-up, including 8 members, and a new - and very good - album to promote; so everything was sounding very promising.
  After the very good Greek supporting act, it was the time of Justin Greaves and his bandmates to come to the stage, supported by the sounds of Dead Imperial intro, and some – simple but nice  – visual effects. One by one took their places, checked their equipments and the storm begun! They played for almost 2.5 hours presenting a powerful - and kind of noisy in parts – setlist, that was based on their new album ‘Bronze’. (If you are interested you can read the review I wrote about ‘Bronze’ here:
  CBP have a special bond with Greece and their local fans, that’s why every time they play here they give everything they got on stage! A proof of that was, when at the last song of the concert Justin Greaves went berserk, and came down with his guitar and became one with the crowd.
  Trying to compare the concert I’ve seen two years ago with this one, I think that I liked the setlist of the other concert more, because it was including some songs I really love (like Fantastic Justice for example), but this time the band performed better.
The sound wasn’t as good as it should, and especially the backing vocals had a big problem. I still remember the keyboard player singing, but nobody was listening to her voice.
  After the concert’s epic finale with the usual Burnt Reynolds including the - also usual - crowd’s sing along and Justin’s crazy attitude, we remained in the area and met with Justin Greaves and Daniel Änghede. They signed on the setlist as you can see in the picture, took some pictures altogether, had a chat, and we talked about having them as special guests in Prog & Roll radio show. I don’t
know if it is going to happen, time will tell I guess…

  Concluding this piece, I have to say that it was a very good performance, everybody (including the band) had some great time, and now the only thing that remains is to see when they will visit Greece again; and be sure that they will…