Monday, October 22, 2018

Prog n Roll Radio show (21/1-0/2018). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night one more Prog n Roll radio show was online, at the usual time in the usual internet radio station.
  This time we had a rather simple show, without special guests or album presentations, etc, but we did have something slightly different again.
  So, during the 2 first parts of our show, we did a small tribute to the Greek Rock, Prog and Folk scene, by presenting some bands - older and new ones - that we believe they deserve to be heard.
After that, we continued with our playlist as usual and we closed the show with a rather powerful last part.
  We had a good crowd listening, from many countries once more. If I remember well, we had people from Greece, England, Northern Ireland, Germany and Unites States. Not bad at all...
As for the playlist, take a look here:

1st Part: LEAVING TOMORROW: Daylight / PURPLE OVERDOSE: Her Arms Embraced the Sun / NIGHTSTALKER: Children of the Sun / 1000MODS: Horses Green.
2nd Part: APHRODITE’S CHILD: Spring, Summer, Winter and Fall / WILL O THE WISP: Elbereth / MANTICORE’S BREATH: Metamorphosis / CICCADA: She Went for Love / NORIANA: Julie Delaneys.
3rd Part: TRION: Fast Forward / STEVE HACKETT: Wolflight / LIFE LINE PROJECT: Moment / O A K: Danse Macabre / TIGER MOTH TALES: The Ballad of Longshanks John.
4rth Part: GRETA VAN FLEET: Highway Tune / URIAH HEEP: Living the Dream / RIVERSIDE: Vale of Tears / IRON MAIDEN: The Book of Souls.
I would like to thank you all for listening to our show once more.
We'll "see" you again on Sunday the 28th of October.
Take Care!

Saturday, October 20, 2018

GFreedom's Juke Box No.234

Hello all!
As many of you know already, on (almost) every Saturday morning I am posting here my weekly Top-5 song list for you.
Well, this Saturday is not an exception, so here's the list with the songs I chose as best for this week:
GAZPACHO: Valerie's Friend (Night - 2007)
RIVERSIDE: Vale of Tears (Wasteland - 2018)
CRESSIDA: Munich (Asylum - 1971)
PURPLE OVERDOSE: Her Arms Embraced the Sun (Reborn - 1999)
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: The Golden Boy Swallowed by the Sea (Horrific Honorifics - 2018)
In case you are interested, click on the following YouTube links, and you will be able to listen to the songs I have in my list right away.
Enjoy the music and have a great Weekend!
Thank you!
GAZPACHO: Valerie's Friend
RIVERSIDE: Vale of Tears
PURPLE OVERDOSE: Her Arms Embraced the Sun
CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: The Golden Boy Swallowed by the Sea

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

URIAH HEEP: Living the Dream (2018). My "review"...

  Uriah Heep is a legendary band, that need no introductions or recommendations. They have been around since forever, and they wrote their name with gold in the history of Rock (or Hard Rock if you like) music.
  I have been listening to them since my teenage years, and I have in my collection no less than 17 albums; studio and live ones.
  This year they have returned with their 25th (or 26th? I lost count) studio album, named as Living the Dream.
  I still can’t believe how good this album is! I was expecting a very mediocre album, like their previous ones, but this time I must admit that they did a really good job!
  I don’t think that there is anybody who  believes that after a 50-years-old career, they will release another The Magician’s Birthday or Demons and Wizards, correct?
  But you know what? Living the Dream is a high-quality album, that can be compared directly with some of their old releases. The sound is modern Hard-Rock, with many guitar riffs and solos, lots of classic-sounding keyboards and very good compositions. Bernie Saw’s voice is in very good condition, without having to add “for his age”…
  Mike Box’s recorded some very nice and “catchy” guitar riffs, that are accompanied by the keyboards of Phil Lanzon, and the result is very good to say the least.
The album includes some classic Hard Rock songs, some ballads and even a couple of "proggy" ones.
  In  a nutshell, Living the Dream is a very “decent” album that totally worth its money. I bought it, and I never regret it. Give it a try, you won’t be disappointed!
Favourite Tracks (so far): Living the Dream, Knocking at my Door, It’s all Been Said,  Dreams of Yesteryear.
                My Rating: 4.0 out of 5.0 Stars.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Prog n Roll radio show, incl. the presentation of Arms Open Wide by Mike Kershaw. (14/10/2018). The playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night one more Prog n Roll radio show was online as usual. This time we had a special show prepared, that was including the presentation of Mike Keshaw's new album Arms Open Wide.
We had lots of musicians on the chatbox, incl. Mike Kershaw, Gareth Cole (guitars) and Stefan Heppe (drums) as our special guests. Furthermore, we also had Pat Sanders of Drifting Sun and 2 members of Gandalf's Fist on our chatbox, (Ben and Keri), as listeners.
  We had a good and very happy crowd gathered for the show, and we spent 2 hours together with good music and lots of fun on the chatbox.
  We also did a music quiz, and the winner took as a prize a signed CD copy of Arms Open Wide, gently offered by Mike Kershaw, and we thank him for that. Just for the record, I should say that the winner was Tim who was listening from UK.
  During the last hour of the show, we had a conversation about Rainbow going on, and people were asking from us to play Stargazer. During the last part, this went on and on, and near the end almost everybody was asking for it. So, we decided to make an "encore", and we finaly played it. It became a small panic on the chatbox, as everybody was so happy!
  Here you can check the playlist:

Part 1: THE GIFT: Sweeper of Dreams / THIS WINTER MACHINE: After Tomorrow Comes / SPOCK’S BEARD: Somebody’s Home / MIKE KERSHAW: I Wish Your Eyes Were Mine.
Part 2: ANUBIS: Hitchhiking to Byzantium / MIKE KERSHAW: Facing the Fear & All that Matters is the Fear / RIVERSIDE: Lament.
Part 3: GARY MOORE: Wishing Well (music quiz) / URIAH HEEP: Sunrise / LED ZEPPELIN: Nobody’s Fault but Mine / DEEP PURPLE: Demon’s Eye / RAINBOW: Kill the King .
Part 4: MIKE KERSHAW: Keys to the Kingdom / KAYAK: Love, Sail Away / MIKE KERSHAW: Curtains / TIGER MOTH TALES: Don’t Let go, Feels Alright /             RAINBOW: Stargazer (encore).

A would like to thank all those who chose to spend their Sunday evening with us, and especially the - many - musicians that are tuning in and listen to Prog n Roll very often. Our community of musicians is getting bigger and bigger and we are so happy for that. 
Thank you all!

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Prog n Roll welcomes Mike Kershaw and presents his new album Arms Open Wide. (14/10/2018)

Hello all!
   I am writing this piece to inform you that, on Sunday the 14th of October we will have on Prog n Roll's chatbox the English composer, singer and keyboard player Mike Kershaw as our special guest. But he won't be alone; we are also expecting Gareth Cole - his guitar player - to show up, together with Stefan Heppe, the drummer of Gandalf's Fist, who is playing the drums in Mike's album.
  On our behalf, we will present his new album Arms Open Wide, mixed with songs from other new releases, and some older classic stuff.
Furthermore, we are going to have a music quiz for our listeners, and the winner will take as a prize a signed copy of Arms  Open Wide, gently offered by Mike.
  I truly believe that Sunday's show is going to be a very pleasant, fun and informative one, so try to be there!
  For those who aren't familiar with Prog n Roll so far, I think I should inform you that it is a bilingual live broadcast, and begins at 20.00 UK time. You can listen our show online, by clicking on the following link:
I hope to "see" some of you on our chatbox.
Thank you!

Monday, October 8, 2018

Prog n Roll's special show (7/10/2018). The complete playlist and more...

Hello all!
  Last night it was the first show of October, and as we had announced before, we presented a concept album from the 70's. Because it was the first time we were doing that, we picked a rather classic album. The album we chose was The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway by Genesis. Most of our audience was familiar with the album, and as it seemed they really enjoyed the presentation. During the show, we played 6 songs in total from "The Lamb" and we provided our listeners with lots of info about it.
We had a good crowd listening once more, and I must admit that I am pleased with the whole show.
Here you can take a look at the complete playlist:

1st Part: KANSAS: Death of Mother Nature Suite / MANFRED MANN’S EARTH BAND: Solar Fire / JULIAN JAY SAVARIN: The Death of Alda / JANE: Air.
2nd Part: GENESIS: The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway - Carpet Crawlers / FRUUPP: Misty Morning Way / SPRING: Song to Absent Friends / GENESIS: The Chamber of 32 Doors.
3rd Part: GENESIS: The Lamia / NEUSCHWANTEIN: Loafer Jack / PROCOL HARUM: The Piper’s Tune / GENESIS: Hairless Heart – Counting out Time.
4rth Part: JUDY DYBLE: Promises / PETER GEE: The Stars in the Sky / RIVERSEA: Drowning in Vertigo / BIG BIG TRAIN: A Mead Hall in Winter (live).
I would like to thank you all for listening to our show once more.
Have a nice week!
Thank you!

Saturday, October 6, 2018

GFreedom's Juke Box No.233

Hello all!
  Another Saturday morning is here, therefore it is time to write down my list with the best songs for this week. I listened to lots of music during the week, and for that reason it wasn't easy to pick just 5 songs. Finally, I decided that these can be considered as 5 of the best ones:
TRANSATLANTIC: Black as the Sky (Kaleidoscope - 2014)
IMPERIAL AGE: The Monastery (The Legacy of Atlantis - 2018)
GAZPACHO: The Cage (Demon - 2014)
BIG BIG TRAIN: Judas Unrepentant (English Electric Pt.1 - 2012)
PETER MURPHY: Strange Kind of Love (Deep - 1990)
By clicking on the following YT links, you will be able to listen to the songs right away.
Enjoy! :-)
TRANSATLANTIC: Black as the Sky
IMPERIAL AGE: The Monastery (live video)
BIG BIG TRAIN: Judas Unrepentant
PETER MURPHY: Strange Kind of Love

Friday, October 5, 2018

Prog n Roll's special radio show, incl. the presentation of a concept album. (7/10/2018)

Hello all!
  I would like to inform you that on Sunday the 7th of October, Prog n Roll radio show will present a classic concept album from the 70's; among other things of course. This season, we decided to present a concept album or a Rock opera during the first show of each month, starting from October.
So, we picked a very good and kind of classic concept album, which I'm not going to reveal today.
I'm pretty sure that Sunday's show will be a very pleasant and enjoyable one, so if you want tune in and join us. 
  I would also like to remind you that Prog n Roll is an online live bilingual broadcast. It begins at 20.00 UK time, and in order to listen you just have to click on the following link:
I hope to "see" you on our chatbox.
Thank you!

Thursday, October 4, 2018

RIVERSIDE: Wasteland (2018). My review...

  Riverside is one of the most talented and famous bands of Poland, and there is a reason for that. They have been around for more than 15 years now, and with every new album they are giving proofs of their talent and quality. 
  In 2016, Piotr Grudzinski,  the band’s guitar player passed away, and the band came at a crossroad; What they should do? Split up or try to overcome the loss and continue?  Finally, they decided to continue as a trio, and as it is proven by the facts, it was the right thing to do.
This year they released their 7th studio album, named as Wasteland, which is their first album since the loss of Piotr Grudzinski, and I dare say it is one of their best works so far! I am not a devoted fan of Riverside; I like them the normal amount. I have all their albums in my collection, and as any other band in the world, they have their ups and downs. Well, Wasteland is definitely one of their ups! The band sounds more mature than ever, and Duda’s performance is simply perfect, adding a lot to the final outcome.
I am not sure how their fans will react to this album, but for me it is a wonderful work. 
Yes, it is dark, even melancholic on many occasions, but it is also powerful and inspired. Well, if you consider the facts what the band had to face during the last years, you can’t blame them. Also, I’m not sure if this can be characterized as a concept album, but it has a main theme, which is ‘the end of the world’.
  The albums open with Duda's A Capella performance in The Day After, followed by the first “proper” song of the album, which is Acid Rain. To be honest with you, I never listen to The Day After; I always begin with Acid Rain. But after that, I listen to the whole album without skipping a song. The songs seem to “flow” one after the other, and before you know it the album is over.  And it is time to press “play” again…
  Wasteland is a music “journey”, filled with emotions.  Don’t make the mistake and not pay attention to it, because it surely needs a few listens before it can be fully appreciated.
  Congratulations to Riverside for this excellent album they have offered us. In my opinion, Wasteland is one of the best album of 2018 without a doubt.
 Favourite songs: Acid Rain, Vale of Tears, Guardian Angel, Lament, River Down Below, Wasteland. 
Here, have a first taste: RIVERSIDE: Lament 
                My Rating: 4.5 out of 5.0 stars.