Tuesday, September 17, 2019

DRIFTING SUN: Planet Junkie (2019). My review...

  I discovered Drifting Sun with the release of Trip the Life Fantastic (2015), and I have been following them since then. I don't know how they do that, but with every new release, they become better and better. 
  The band's new album is Planet Junkie, which, in my ears sound different than their previous works. Maybe one of the reasons for that is the absence of Peter Falconer, the band's singer. I don't know why, but suddenly Drifting Sun left without a lead singer. 
  Pat Sanders, the band's leader, decided to invite some singers he already knew, in order to participate in Falconer's place. Three of them accepted the invitation, so Planet Junkie includes three lead singers instead of one; which add a lot in the album's dynamic. 
  The album is separated into 3 major parts, and on each part, there is a different lead singer. These 3 parts are divided by an instrumental piece. So, Planet Junkie includes 9 songs and 2 instrumental pieces.
  As far as I know, Pat Sanders faced many difficult situations in his personal life lately, and many of those situations are reflected in Planet Junkie. The album is filled with wonderful and melancholic melodies, which, in my opinion, has always been the strong point in their music. Pat is a skilled composer and musician, and he is able to write some heartbreaking melodies which I adore, and this album is not an exception.
  But the album is not only about melancholy and drama. It also includes some uplifting songs, like Planet Junkie and Within Your Bones, for example, which are excellent.
  I'm sure that the fans of the band will enjoy this album a lot, but because this is not a typical Drifting Sun album, you should listen to Planet Junkie, even if you never liked their music before. Maybe you will be pleasantly surprised by its quality. Just listen to the album and form your own opinion.
 As far as I know, the album will be available on CD and as a digital download. For more info on the subject, visit the band's webpage: http://www.driftingsun.co.uk/
Also, you can check their bandcamp page: 
Favourite songs so far: Within Your Bones, Missing, Night Time Sorrow, Planet Junkie, Stay with Me.
My Rating: 4.5 stars. (Out of 5.0)
Here's a couple of songs from the album:


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