Wednesday, September 30, 2015

LEPROUS Live in Athens. The Setlist...

A few days ago, the Prog-Metal band Leprous gave a live concert in Athens.
As far as I learned, they played for almost 100 minutes, and they gave an excellent performance.
In case you are interestd, here's the concert's setlist:

The Flood
Third Law
The Cloak
Acquired Taste
The Price
The Valley 
Forced Entry

Monday, September 28, 2015

The first Prog & Roll radio show of the 4rth season. The full playlist...

  Last night Prog & Roll had 2 reasons to celebrate, as I wrote in a previous post. The opening of the 4rth season, and the show's 3rd birthday.
So, at the usual time the show went online once more, after the long Summer break.
  Many people gathered, in order to listen to the show and chat with us, and it was really touchy  the way they were behaving towards us. As far as I understood, most of them were really happy to see their favorite radio show returning online after the almost 2 months break.
 As I said during the show, we are planning to make some major changes in the show's structure this year, but we will announce them in the next show, on the 4rth of October. But we are going to keep some characteristic aspects of the show untouched, like for example the music contest, and the "epic" song which is closing each of our shows.
  Speaking for myself, I believe it was a very good show this one, and the 2 hours passed really quickly. I can't wait for the next one, because I'm curious about the audience's reactions to the changes we are going to do in the show.
 Here you can take a look at the full playlist:
1st Part: SHADOW CIRCUS: Overture / POEM: Giant / SYMPHONY X: Out of the Ashes / METALLICA: Creeping Death.
2nd Part: ROGER GLOVER & R.J DIO: Love is All / QUEEN: Somebody to Love / BEGGAR’S OPERA: Freestyle Ladies / FUSION ORCHESTRA: When My Mamma’s not at Home / LIGHTHOUSE: Love of a Woman.
3rd Part: JANE: Circle of Hands (Music Contest) / DRIFTING SUN: Tormented / CORVUS STONE: Brand New Day / BAROCK PROJECT: A Winter’s Night / RIVERSIDE: Lost   
4rth Part & "Epic" song: BLIND GUARDIAN: At the Edge of Time / IRON MAIDEN: Empire of the Clouds.
 I would like to say a very big 'Thank you' to all those who joined our show last night, and showed their love, their devotion and appreciation for the show, in any way possible. We are really grateful to have such a great audience!
Thank you all! :-)