Friday, August 3, 2012

CONCERNING HOBBIT(S)… The alternative video & more…

   After the great success of the trilogy ‘The Lord of the Rings’ there had been a lot of conversations about what should be the next movie in the world of J.R.R Tolkien. Many of us said that the most logical would be to make ‘The Hobbit’,  although a few others were hoping for ‘The Silmarillion’. (Knowing now Peter Jackson’s point of view on the subject, filming the Silmarillion is something impossible! If Lord of the Rings was 3 movies, then they will have to film at least 5 movies to cover Silmarillion!)
   But that’s not our subject today. When I heard that ‘The Hobbit’ was to become a movie, and especially at the hands of Peter Jackson, I became very happy. A little later when I heard that they would film it in 2 movies, I started to worry. A few days ago I read that Peter Jackson himself stated that finally ‘The Hobbit’ will be 3 movies! There I was panicked! 3 movies! The Hobbit? How is this possible?
All of you that already know the book, I’m sure you have the same feelings like me. For the ones that are not familiar with the book let me give you an example.
   Let’s try very simple mathematics here: The Lord of the Rings was written as a trilogy by Tolkien. There are 3 books with about 1000+ pages altogether. So, each of the 3 films dealt with each one of the books. That means that each fılm covered about 300-350 pages. (Plus the extras that P.Jackson fitted in) (Some were very good, some others not).
But’ The Hobbit’ is nothing like that! Nothing! Many people I know that read ‘The Hobbit’ after reading ‘The Lord of the Rings’, were complaining that they found it a bit childish. And they have right. Because ‘The Hobbit’ is a chıld’s book! It was written in a very simple way, and it was meant for children.  Now, the whole book is 300 pages more or less. So, with the simple mathematics we used before, means that each film will cover about 100 pages. How is that even possible?
It will be possible when P.Jackson put in the films his own ideas and the new parts of the plot that I’m sure he is preparing right now. First of all, many characters that are not even mentioned in the book will be part of the movies. Legolas and Galadriel for example.
But under these circumstances, it will be better (and more honest) not to name these movies ‘The Hobbit’. They can find some other altrenative name, like ‘Peter Jackson’s Hobbit’, or The Hobbit – The P.Jackson’s version, etc etc…  hahahah …
   Don’t get me wrong here, I really loved The Lord of the Rings movies, and I really thank P.Jackson for what he achieved! But this thing he’s trying to do now, I don’t know…
Of course it’s all about the money! And I agree. Money is very important in show business. But everything has its limits, don’t you think?
   Speaking for myself, I will go (of course) to watch the movies, but I will go prepared that I will not see ‘The Hobbit’, the book I first read when I was 10 years old and grew up with! (Until the age of 15-16 when I discovered ‘The Lord of the Rings’). I will see a movie that will contain inside some parts of ‘The Hobbit’ among hundreds of other things…
   But enough with the serious talk. Let’s finish this post in a funny way.
I discovered this video sometime ago, and I think it is super!
It needs an update, because it was made in the period  when everybody knew that the Hobbit would be 2 movies. It’s an ‘alternative’ trailer for the movie. Please watch it carefully, and pay attention to the lyrics of the song! Its hilarious!
Enjoy it! hehehe