Friday, January 31, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show on 2/2/2014 with 2 guests (again)

Hello all!
On this Sunday's Prog & Roll I will have two guests invited once more. On last Sunday's show I did the same, and we had lots of fun, and as it seemed everybody enjoyed it.
This time I will have again 2 of our listeners with me, and they will participate on every aspect of the show, which means they will choose their own songs, present them on air etc...
But because I have already seen their choices, I must say that this will be a very bizarre show (musically speaking). Another funny fact is their nicknames. The first one's is Wolf, and the second one's is Shepherd! So you can also understand their music tastes by their nicknames... ;)
In the playlist this time we have more Folk Rock than usual, and more Classic Rock.
The only sure thing is that us and our listeners will have lots of fun once more!
So, if you are in the mood for some good music, and some fun company join us!
You can listen to PROG & ROLL online every Sunday night at 20.00 CET.
Just click on this link:
Thank you :)

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Progressive Rock History (BBC Documentary)

A couple of months ago, I discovered this video documentary on YT, split is 6 parts.
I watched it all, and although many good bands are missing, the overall result is brilliant.
Now I found it as a whole, and I thought of posting it here for you to be able to watch it if you are in the mood for something like that.
It is a very serious documentary, and many very famous musicians participating in it. It starts from the '60's, and moves into the birth of Progressive Rock, and what happened in the '70's.
 Enjoy! :-)


Monday, January 27, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (26/1/2014) with 2 guests... The Full Playlist

As I have mentioned a few days ago, on last night's Prog & Roll I had 2 guests invited.
Two of our listeners had the chance to be the co-hosts and participate in every aspect of the show.
That includes the making of the playlist, presenting and commenting on the songs, etc.
The main idea was to invite 2 of our listeners, and give them a chance to play some of their favorite songs. I must admit that some of their songs were surprisingly good choices.
 We had also a music contest, and this time we played a cover version of a theme song from a very famous movie, and we wanted from our audience to tell us the name of the movie.
There was a lot of people participating in the chatbox, and many more listening as well.
In a nutshell it was a very pleasant show, and as it seemed everybody enjoyed the 2 hours we spend together. As for the whole playlist, you can see it here:

APRIL WINE: Sign of the Gypsy Queen / BLOOD CEREMONY: Ballad of the Weird Sisters / MAVARA: Period of Innocence / KERY LIVGREN (Feat. R J Dio): To Live for the King / PORCUPINE TREE: The Nostalgia Factory / THE TEA PARTY: The Bazaar / DREAM THEATER: Under a Glass Moon / CELTIC LEGACY: The Spirit of the Vagabond / SKYCLAD: Emerald / RIOT: Mohicans Reprise (Music Contest) / NIGHTWISH: Deep Silent Complete / DUNWICH: Il Falso Principio / MARILION: Fugazi / RUSH: Vital Signs / CAMEL: Never Let Go / SCORPIONS: Fly People Fly / QUEENSRYCHE: Scarborough Fair / JUDAS PRIEST: Dreamer Deceiver.

I want to thank all of you who joined last night and listen to the show. A very special thanks to Filaraki and Wolfbred, who helped me a lot bringing together a good show, and for their music selections as well. (Great songs guys!) :)
 On next Sunday's Prog & Roll I'll have 2 other listeners invited, and I hope we will be able to make a show as good as last night's...
Thank you everybody!

Saturday, January 25, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.77

Hello all!
As many of you know already, every Saturday I'm posting here my Top-5 songlist for the week.
Which means that from all the songs I'm listening during every week, I'm choosing the best 5 and writing them in this 'Juke Box' post. Also in the end of the post I'm adding a couple of videos for you to listen.
   This week I listened to lots of music, and once more it was not so easy to choose only 5 songs.
 But after listening some of them again and again, I decided to the best 5 which are the following:

 MARILLION: Fugazi (Fugazi - 1984)
 STYX:  Suite Madame Blue (Equinox - 1975)
 VERBAL DELIRIUM: The Losing Game (From the Small Hours of Weakness - 2013)
 ROXY MUSIC:  If There is Something (Live) (Viva Roxy! - 1976)
 BLUE OYSTER CULT: The Last Days of May (Live) (On Your Feet or on your Knees - 1975) 

And I will  conclude this post as usual, by adding 2 videos from songs in my Top-5 list.
In the first video, you can listen to 'Fugazi' by Marillion, and in the second one the wonderful live version of Roxy Music's 'If There is Something'.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a great weekend!
Thanks for reading :)


Friday, January 24, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio Show with special guests...

Hello all!
I want to inform you that on this Sunday's PROG & ROLL Radio Show, there will be 2 guests invited, and we will be presenting the show altogether.
 My wife and co-host will not be able to present the show with me due to a travel, so I thought of inviting a couple of our listeners to participate in the show with me.
 After they have accepted my proposal, we gathered up and after listening to lots of music, we decided on the playlist. The thing I had in mind was all three of us to form a 'team' and together to decide about the music. So, each of us proposed some songs of his liking, and then we were voting on the songs.
 So, after many hours we formed a 20-songs playlist, with many famous and some not so famous songs, from 1973 up to 2013.
  It's a different playlist than usual, and truth is I'm very excited about this.
 If this show go well, I'm thinking on next week to do the same with 2 different listeners.
Anyway, I just wanted to inform you about this 'different' Prog & Roll.
I want to remind you that you can listen to our show online on every Sunday night at 20.00 CET.
You just have to click on this link: Just In Case Prog Radio
I hope to 'see you' online on Sunday night.
Thank you for reading...

JUST IN CASE PROG RADIO presents: A Special DJ Set on Saturday 25/1/2014

I want to inform you that tomorrow night (Saturday 25/1/2014) Just In Case Prog Radio will make a special event at bar Aitna in Exarheia (Athens).
 The founder and owner of the station Dimitris 'All Around' Katsikis will present a special DJ Set with Progressive (or Progressive orientated) music from the '60's till nowadays.
The DJ set will start at 22.00 and it will last for almost 5 hours...
  If you leave in Athens, and you are in the mood for some good Rock music, now you know a place to spend your Saturday night. All the radio producers, and many of our listeners will be there.
You are surely welcome!
  AITNA BAR: Em.Benaki 83 Exarheia - Athens.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

TV Series: HOMELAND (Season 3)...

 Here's my review about  the long awaited 3rd season of the very famous TV Series 'Homeland'.
Starting this post I must say that this was the last season for me. Although there will be one more (at least), I don't think I will continue watching it from now on, because it starts reminding me of '24 Tv Series' more and more, and that fact started to annoy me really much.
  In this blog I wrote 2 posts in the past about season 1 & season 2 of 'Homeland',so if any of you are interested in reading them you can take a look here: Homeland Season 1    Homeland Season 2

 At the end of my review for season 2 I wrote that I didn't like the way they finished the second season, and I was afraid of what they were going to do with the 3rd one. And I'm sad to say that all my fears came true. This 3rd season is by far the 'weakest' of all 3, with many gaps in the scenario, and almost nothing new to offer. Despite all that it's still nice to watch, but mainly because you are curious to see what is going to happen in the end. And when that moment arrives, you left wondering why they decided to make a 4rth season. In my opinion, they should have finished it here, because there is actually no reason  to continue. (That's why I wrote in the start I'm not going to watch it from now on).
  Season 3 consists of 12 episodes, of almost 50 minutes length each one. The only exception is the last episode which lasts for an hour. The story here starts very slowly, and the plot is making rounds dealing with other subjects not so related with the original story. And when you reach to the point when it starts to get boring, they throw in a lot of action in order to make it interesting again. But the problem is that the action by itself does not solve the story problems. Further than that, a lot of things were left hanging in the air, unresolved and left alone probably for good before commencing with the story which I believe will come next. The redeemed American hero complex, made the end commonplace which was sort of a let down when we are talking about exceptional-to-be series such as this one.
   I'm facing some difficulties trying to write this review without revealing what is going on in the story, and that's why I will stop here. Because if I will continue writing, I'll have to get into detail.
  Concluding this review I must add that although this 3rd season is surely interesting and pleasant to watch, it has lost all of those elements which made the first 2 seasons so good. (Always in my opinion).
And if for example I had to rate all of them, I would give an 8.5 for the 1st season, an 7.7 - 8.00 for the 2nd season, and  6.5 - 7.00 for the 3rd one. 
I hope you found this review helpfull and informative...
Thanks for reading.
P.S: In the following video you can watch the trailer for season 3...

Monday, January 20, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio show (19/1/2014) The Full Playlist...

Hello all!
Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show as usual.
This time we made the playlist a bit 'louder' that usual. We tried to make a 'blend' with famous and not so famous bands, and in the same time with powerful and slow songs.The result was satisfiying to say the least, judging by our audience's reactions.
 We had only 15 songs in the playlist, and that's because some of the songs were long enough.
So, without further ado, here's the whole playlist from last night's Prog & Roll:

CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: Fantastic Justice / DEAD HEROES CLUB: Stranger in the Looking Glass / PETER GABRIEL: Here Comes the Flood / DREAM THEATER: The Big Meddley / DISTORTED HARMONY: Breath / METALLICA: Cyanide / YEAR OF THE GOAT: Of Darkness / BLUE OYSTER CULT: R U ready 2 Rock / WOLF PEOPLE: When the Fire is Dead at the Grate / SIENA ROOT: As we Return / LED ZEPPELIN: Dazed & Confused / ILLUSION: Cruisin’ Nowhere / FISH: Shadowplay / CAMEL: Another Night / KING CRIMSON: Starless.

I want to thank you all for logging in and participating on every Sunday night.
As for next Sunday, I'm preparing a nice (I hope) surprise, but I'll inform you about that with a post later on... 
Have a nice week all, and thanks for reading... :)

Saturday, January 18, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.76

Hello everybody!
Another Saturday morning is here, therefore it's time to post here my Weekly Top-5 songlist.
In the end on the post as usual I'll add a couple of videos from my list for you to watch if you like.
So, without further ado, here's my Top-5 songs for this week:

King Crimson: Starless (Red - 1974)
Adventure: The Swan (Beacon of Light - 2009)
Peter Gabriel: Here Comes the Flood ('Cars' - 1977)
Led Zeppelin: Dased & Confused (Led Zeppelin I - 1969)
Marillion: Easter (Season's End - 1989)

As for the videos, I chose the beautiful 'The Swan' by the rather unknown band Adventure which comes from Norway, and the really epic 'Starless' by King Crimson.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a great weekend!
Thank you for reading :)


Thursday, January 16, 2014

Blue Oyster Cult live in Greece (February 2014)

   I'm writing this post in order to inform the Greek fans of Blue Oyster Cult for the 2 forthcoming concerts of the famous American band in Athens and Thessaloniki.
 B.O.C have visited Greece many times in the past years for concerts, and now they are coming once more. Speaking for myself, I was able to see them on stage 3 times so far, so this time I think I'll pass...
But for those who never saw them live, I think now it's a good chance.
   They will appear in Athens on the 6th of February in Gagarin 205, and in Thessaloniki on the 7th of February in Block 33. Τhe prices of the tickets are 25-32€.
   Just for the record I should mention that B.O.C are one the few big names of the '70's Hard Rock scene who are still active, and their albums sales are over 24.000.000 worldwide. (Preety big number eh?)...
 Their 2 basic members are still in the band, and I'm reffering to Eric Bloom and Buck Dharma, who are responsible for some of their biggest hits, such as Astronomy, Godgilla, (Don't Fear) The Reaper etc...
 So, if you don't have anything planned on these 2 datys I mentioned, prepare yourself  for an evening of pure Hard Rock with Blue Oyster Cult!
And i'll conclude this post with Eric Bloom's own words:
"We'll run away to Greece, We'll walk the ruins of the Parthenon, We'll drink ouzo in our cup, watch the dust billow ‘til the night is gone"

P.S: Here you can find info about the tickets:

 Πέμπτη 6 Φεβρουαρίου 2014 @ Gagarin 205 
Εισιτήρια: Προπώληση 25€ τα πρώτα 200 εισιτήρια,
 28€ | Tαμείο: 32€ 
Σημεία προπώλησης: Θέατρο Ακροπόλ (Ιπποκράτους 9-11, Τηλ.: 2103643700)
, Public, Seven Spots, Παπασωτηρίου 
Ηλεκτρονική προπώληση:
Παρασκευή 7 Φεβρουαρίου 2014 @ Block 33 
Εισιτήρια: Προπώληση 25€ | Tαμείο: 28€ 
Σημεία προπώλησης : Public, Seven Spots
Ηλεκτρονική προπώληση:

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Tales from the Progressive Oceans Part. 14

                          CURVED AIR: Phantasmagoria (1972)
   Curved Air were one of the pioneers of the Progressive Rock English scene, together with many other bands of the same era. Their members had a different musical background, therefore we can see many elements of different music styles in their style such as: Jazz-Rock, Fusion, Folk, and Classical music. Further than that they were one of the first bands to feature a violin as a basic instrument. They released 6 studio albums during their career, and Phantasmagoria was their third one.
  It was released in 1972 and it's considered among their most ambitious works. It contains 9 songs in total, and has a running time of almost 40 minutes. The musicians who participate here are the 5 members of the band, plus 14 extra ones who play a variety of instruments such as: trumpet, trombone, xylophones, percussions etc.
   Upon its release, Phantasmagoria reached at No.20 in the UK albums charts, but failed in the United States. (Truth is that Curved Air were never the band that was reaching easily at Albums or Singles charts).
  With the first listening there are two songs that catches immediately your attention: 'Marie Antoinette', and 'Melinda (More or Less)'. But when you get used to their sound and music, you'll find more beautiful moments here, like 'Phantasmagoria' for example.
 Concluding this post, I will add a video for you ti listen and get a small idea.
It's the beautiful ballad 'Melinda (More or Less)'.
 Enjoy the music, and thanks for reading :)

Monday, January 13, 2014

PROG & ROLL Radio show (12/1/2014) The Full Playlist...

  Last night we did one more Prog & Roll Radio Show, as we usualy do on every Sunday night.
I must say that I really enjoyed it. There were many people listening, and enough were active on the chatbox.
  As for the playlist, we did the following: In the first part we played songs from albums which were released in 2013, but for some reasons were not included in our Top-10. During the second part we played songs from albums which were released in the last decade. In the third part we made a small tribute to Hard-Rock, and during the last part we played mostly stuff from the 60's and '70's...
 In case you are interested to see the songs we played, you can see the whole playlist here:

FRIGHT PIG: Re-Creation / BIG BIG TRAIN: Swan Hunter / MARCO DE ANGELIS: Tell me Why / FISH: The Gathering / GALAHAD: Termination / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Dancing Generation /  PORCUPINE TREE: Arriving Somewhere / SPIRAL KEY: Colder than Heaven / THIN LIZZY: Black Rose / RAINBOW: Eyes of the World / URIAH HEEP: Return to Fantasy / DEEP PURPLE: Perfect Strangers / JETHRO TULL: The Minstrel in the Gallery / PROCOL HARUM: Conquistador / TRAFFIC: 40.000 Headmen / TIM BUCKLEY: Pleasant Street / THE INCREDIBLE STRING BAND: Koeeoaddi There  / FIT & LIMO: Come with me.

Thank you all for logging in and listen to our show, we will see you next Sunday same time on Just In Case Prog Radio...

Sunday, January 12, 2014

September Code & Verbal Delirium Live in Athens (10/1/2014)

A couple of days ago (or nights to be more specific), I went to watch the concert of Verbal Delirium and September Code, (both Greek bands) in a medium-sized but cosy place in the center of Athens.
And here's my review on the event.
 I went together with 3-4 other producers from Just In Case Prog Radio, and there we had the chance to meet and speak with the members of the bands, cause we knew the manager of Verbal Delirium, and the person who organised the whole event. That was a nice bonus for us... ;) We also
learned beforehand about a small surprise that Verbal Delirium had prepared...
 Let's see what happened in the concert now...
 First came on stage September Code, so to say a Prog-Heavy band, and they played for almost 75 minutes. My first (and second) impression was that these guys need some work to do in order to be able perform good on stage. They had the enthusiasm of a new band, but I'm afraid that is not enough on most occassions. Their first part of their set was kind of boring (for my taste), but everything changed in the second part. When they started playing songs from their new forthcoming album, I must admit everything was much better. Better compositions, more enthusiasm, and a better sound. So if I want to sum up their appearance I should say that it was good enough. No complains finally.
  And almost 15 minutes later, Verbal Delirium came out, on stage. First  impression: Everything was more proffesional in every way. Even their musical instruments. In the front line they had 3 different sets of keyboards (including one Mellotron), and behind them were the drummer, the guitar & Bass players and one guy in backing vocals. More than this, the person who was playing the mellotron was playing flute and saxophone as well.
  From their first note you could tell the difference. Better sound, a very proffessional performance, excellent adaptation of the songs etc...
  They were on stage for almost 90 minutes and they played all their best moments from both albums they released so far. (10.000 roses, Dance of the Dead, The Losing Game, Dancing Generation, Sudden Winter, Aeons etc).  They left the stage for 5 mintutes, and when they returned it was time for the surprise I mentoned earlier. So, as encore they gave us an excellent live performance of King Crimson's 'Starless'. And after almost 110 minutes left the stage for good, leaving everybody totally satisfied as far as I saw in the people's faces.
  As a conclusion, I have to say it was a very nice concert, and I'm waiting for Verbal Delirium's next live event in Athens, in order to go again.
 Thank you guys, you gave us 2 hours of wonderful music!
For all of you who never listened to Verbal Delirium before, I'm adding 2 videos in order to listen if you want. On the first video, It's the wonderfully melancholic 'Sudden winter' and on the second one you can listen to 'Dancing Generation'.
Enjoy the music, and thank you for reading :)


Saturday, January 11, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.75

Hello folks!
Another Saturday morning is here, so it is time to write down my Top- songs for this week.
Once more I listened to lots of music, plus I went ot a very interesting concert last night. (I will write a small review about it later on).
 Anyway, without further ado, here's my best 5 songs for this week:

 Porcupine Tree: Arriving Somewhere (Deadwing - 2005)
 Uriah Heep: Return to Fantasy (Return to Fantasy - 1975)
 Van Morrison: Be thou my vision (Hymns to the Silence - 1991)
 Jethro Tull: Baker St. Muse (Minstrel in the Gallery - 1975)
 Verbal Delirium: The Losing Game 
                               (From the small hours of weakness - 2013)

And as usual, I' ll conclude this post by adding a couple of videos with songs from my Top-5 list for you to listen if you want.
On the first video you can listen to 'Return to Fantasy' by Uriah Heep, and on the second one the beautiful 'Be though my vision' by Van Morrison.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a nice weekend!
Thanks for reading :)


Friday, January 10, 2014

TV Series: HOUSE OF CARDS (2013) (Season 1)

I must admit that I wasn't expecting this TV series to be so good!
Or to put it in another way, I couldn't have guessed how amazing Kevin Spacey would be as a Congressman in the role of Francis Underwood.
 The story is a typical story which you can expect when you are watching a Political drama. Dirty Congressmen, ambitious journalists, and of course in the centre is the President of the United States. Well, not in this series. Here the center is Francis Underwood, a very ambitious Cangressmen who in order to achive his goals will try everything. Manipulation, blackmails, determination are some of his ways. He is in short a man without scruples.
 One of the pleasant surprises here is when Kevin Spacey breaks the "fourth wall" between his character and the viewers, turns to the camera, and speaks his thoughts directly to the audience. This proved a very clever and interesting technique to watch, and it happens quite often in every episode.
It seems as an expensive production, filmed in many different places in America. I'm not in a position to know the cost, but it seems like an expensive one.
 The whole first season consists of 13 episodes, and every episode has a running time of 50-55 minutes.
I surely recommed 'House of Cards' to those who are intrigued by these kinds of Political stories. I'm sure they will not be dissapointed.
 As for the rating, IMDB has a rating of 8.9. Speaking for myself if I had to rate it I would give an 8-8.3, mostly because there are some irrelevant stories going on, only in order to make the series longer and they don't add anything in the plot. But if I had to rate Kevin Spacey's performace I would give a much higher rate.
 P.S: Season 2 starts next month, and I can't wait to see what's going to happen!
 P.S 2: I'm adding 2 videos here as well. The trailer for season 1 and season 2.


Wednesday, January 8, 2014

FISH: A Feast of Consequenses (2013)

I am one of  thousands who are following Fish's career since Marillion's early days. I am also one of those who were hoping that at some point Marillion and Fish will unite their forces again.
Well, not any more!
  All of us must accept the fact that Fish left his past with Marillion for good (and/or vice versa), and he is continuing his career as a solo artist.
 After the terrible news of the throat surgeries and cancer rumous which were spread, I feared the worst. (And I was not the only one). But all of these stories are a thing of the past now since Fish is here once more!
With a new album, and dare to say a good one.
  After leaving Marillion in the late '80's all of us (the Marillion fans) left wondering what's gonna happen next. Luckily, almost a year later we had two good albums to choose from. Marillion's 'Season's End', and Fish's 'Vigil in a Wilderness of Mirror'. It was the best start for both Marillion and Fish, but as it turned out it was just a good spark which never became a fire...
 Fish's career was going downhill, with every new album being a little bit worse than the previous one. But fortunately there was a turning point. And the turning point was the collaboration with Steven Wilson (Porcupine Tree, Blackfield etc) in the album 'Sunsets on Empire' in 1997. This album was Fish's first really good album after 'Vigil'. Two years later Fish released another good album, (Raingods with Zippos - 1999) again with Steven Wilson being present, but this time with less responsibilities. Two more albums followed before '13th Star', and at the point which everybody believed Fish is regaining his old self, we learned the news of the throat surgeries and the fear of cancer.
 The good thing with Fish is that he is inspired from his personal tragedies (and he has some), and he comes back every time even stronger! So, after the problems with his health and his divorce as well, he returned with this album, which is one of his best works in my opinion.
  The album itself can't be characterized as the "definition of Progressive Rock", but it has many good moments, including a 5-piece epic, starting with the wonderfull 'High Wood' (track 5) and ending with 'The Leaving' (track 9). In these songs Fish remembers his "Prog roots" and he does it well!
 Further than that, we have a very decent album, with Fish describing many of his personal moments which are "dressed" with beautiful melodies.
 The album includes 11 songs, and has a total running time of almost 67 minutes.
 It's highly recommened of all the fans of Marillion's early days, and to all those who can enjoy a beautiful melodic album, filled with personal stories and/or nightmares...
My Rating: 3.5 stars out of 5.00.

Monday, January 6, 2014

The first PROG & ROLL radio show of 2014. The full playlist...

Hello all!
Last night we had the first PROG & ROLL radio show for 2014.
As I have mentioned in a previous post, we had a special playlist planned.
During the first hour we presented our personal Top-10 albums which were released in 2013, and during the second hour we played Prog & Roll's Top-10 songs on 2013, as were graded and voted from our audience throughout the year. There was one band which was included in both categories, so we played only one song from them during the second hour. They are the Greek band 'Verbal Delirium' which they released an excellent album in 2013, and one specific song from this album was included in Prog & Roll's Top-10 songs as well...
  Well, there's no reason for further delay in writing last night's playlist, so here it is:
1st Hour: Songs from our Top-10 albums list of 2013:
We.Own.The.Sky: Alterecho / Nemrud: Sorrow by Oneself / Riverside: New Generation Slave / Steven Wilson: Drive Home / Camel: Rhayander / Ayreon: Magnetism / Moon Safari: Kids / Comedy of Errors: Fanfare for the Broken Hearted / Triddana: Gone with the River.
2nd Hour: Prog & Roll's Top-10 songs for 2013:
Queen: Death on two Legs & Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon / Journey: Of a Lifetime / The Beatles: I Want You (She's so Heavy) / It's A Beautiful Day: Hot Summer Day  / Pink Floyd: Goodbye Blue Sky / Iron Maiden: Phantom of the Opera / Eloy: The Sun-Song / Strawbs: Autumn / Verbal Delirium: Sudden Winter / David Bowie: Life on Mars? 

Thank you all for listening to last night's show, and furthermore to all of you who are always there, supporting us since day 1. We will try to continue improving our show in any way possible. Thank you folks! :) 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.74

Hello everybody!
As many of you know already, on every Saturday morning I'm posting here my Top-5 songs for the week. From all the songs I've listened during the week, I choose the best 5 and write them in this blog. And at the end of the post I'm adding a couple of videos as well, for you to be able to listen.
So, for this week here's my Top-5 songlist:

Uriah Heep: Wisee Man (Firefly - 1977)
Amarok: Fieldmour I (Amarok - 2002)
The Tea Party: The Bazaar (Single - 1995)
Ted Nugent: Stranglehold (Ted Nugent - 1975)
Galahad: Richelieu's Prayer (Beyond the Realms of Euphoria - 2012)

Concluding this post I will add 2 videos from my Top-5 list. First one is 'The Bazaar' by the Canadian band The Tea Party, (the official video). The second video is Galahad's 'Richelieu's Prayer'.
Enjoy the music folks, and have a great weekend! :)
Thank you for reading...


Friday, January 3, 2014

1st PROG & ROLL of 2014 presents: the Top-10 lists...

Hello everybody!
This Sunday (5/1/2014) we have the first Prog & Roll radio Show of 2014, and we thought of making it kind of special one. So during the show you will be able to listen to 2 different Top-10 lists.
During the first hour we will make a small presentation of the Top-10 albums (according to our opinion of course) which were released in 2013, and we will play one song from each album.
And during the second hour we will present Prog & Roll's Top-10 songs for 2013, as were voted again and again by our audience. In this list we have 10 really great songs from the '60's 'till nowadays.
So if this Sunday afternoon/night you are in the mood for some really good music, and a friendly company, we would be delighted to have you with us.
Prog & Roll starts at 20.00CET (22.00 Greek time), lasts for two hours, and the broadcasting is in English and Greek language.
You can log in by clicking this link: Just In Case Prog Radio
 Thank you all in advance :)

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year!

I want to wish you, your familes and your beloved ones A Happy New Year, filled with Health, Love and Hapinness. 
Let's hope 2014 will bring all of us everything we hope for.
 You have my best and warmest wishes! :)