Thursday, December 31, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show: A 2015 review.

  Here we are, on the last day of the year, and now I will try to wrote down a small annual "review" about my internet radio show called 'Prog & Roll'.
  (Before anything else, I think I should say that Prog & Roll is an online radio show, that comes 'on air' on Sunday nights, and it is presented by GFreedom Team, which is actually me & my wife Nihal, who is responsible for the English part of the show).
 So, during 2015 we did 40 shows, during which we played  almost 740 songs by 330 different bands, from many music genres and sub-categories. (Such as: Classic Rock, Progressive Rock, Heavy Metal, Hard Rock, Progressive Metal, Psychedelia, Neo-Prog etc). 
 I am also very pleased to say that during this last year, Prog & Roll became more famous than  before, and many new people joined our "company" on the chatbox, from many different countries. (Such as UK, N.Ireland, France, Germany, USA, Canada, Russia, Greece, Turkey, and even Mexico and India). Some of them are listening from time to time, but some others became Prog & Roll's devoted listeners.
 We also had many musicians as "guests on the chatbox" during this year, and some of them also liked the show and they are "visiting" our chatbox on a rather often basis. 
 One of the biggest and pleasant surprises of this year, was the participation of my wife Nihal, to the new and really good album 'The Fragility of Innocence' recorded by the UK band Salander, on which she does some  vocals in a couple of songs. (We met Salander's members through our show, who also became our listeners and friends).
 I must say that I'm really pleased with Prog & Roll's performance this year, and I hope that 2016 will be an even better year for our show.
  Concluding this post, I would like to say a very big 'Thank You' to all those people who are supporting us, and with their love and devotion are giving us the strength to carry on.
Prog & Roll will be with you again on the 10st of Januar, for the first show of 2016.
Happy New Year everybody!
Thank you all very much! :-)

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

LEMMY passed away at the age of 70.

I'm really sorry to announce that one of the few remaining true legends of Rock music passed away.
Lemmy died yesterday at his home at the age of 70, just two days after learning that he was diagnosed with cancer.
Lemmy was a member of Hawkwind in the early '70's, and from 1975 till now, he was the leader of Motorhead. 
Despite that I never considered myself as a fan of Motorhead, I had a very big respect for him, and I feel really lucky for being able to see him on stage twice.
I will conclude this post with the exact words that his bandmates wrote for his death:
“There is no easy way to say this … our mighty, noble friend Lemmy passed away today after a short battle with an extremely aggressive cancer. He had learned of the disease on 26 December, and was at home, sitting in front of his favourite video game from The Rainbow which had recently made it’s way down the street, with his family.

We cannot begin to express our shock and sadness; there aren’t words.
“We will say more in the coming days, but for now, please … play Motörhead loud, play Hawkwind loud, play Lemmy’s music LOUD. Have a drink or few.
“Share stories.
“Celebrate the LIFE this lovely, wonderful man celebrated so vibrantly himself.
The band signed off: “Ian ‘Lemmy’ Kilmister
“1945 -2015
“Born to lose, lived to win.”

Monday, December 28, 2015

The last Prog & Roll of 2015. A small "review" & the complete playlist.

Hello everybody! :-)
As I wrote in the post below, last night we did the last Prog &Roll of 2015, which was completely dedicated to our listeners. Almost the whole playlist was including the songs they asked for, and that's why it was totally mixed up. I dare say that it was a brilliant show, we had lots of fun in the chatbox, and everybody seemed to be in a great mood. We also had a music contest, and the winner was (once more) Florian Decros from France. After his win, we gave him the title of Sir Florian Decros, which he used on the chatbox as well. :-)
 Because of the many songs requests, the show lasted for almost 15 minutes more, and at the end we finished it, by exchanging wishes with our listeners for the new year.
We had a superb atmosphere in the chatbox once more, and that is something I am very proud of. I really believe that one of the advantages of Prog & Roll, is the very friendly and warm atmosphere we have in the chatbox during our shows. It is impossible for someone new to join, and not feel welcome from the first moment.
 As for the show's playlist, you can see it here:
THE MOODY BLUES: For My Lady / THE FLYING COLORS: Kayla / COSMOS: Paranoia / RADIOHEAD: Paranoid Android / BLACK SABBATH: Changes / KANSAS: Miracles out of Nowhere / HASSE FROBERG & MUSICAL COMPANION: Can’t Stop the Clock / RUSH: Tom Sawyer / UFO: Lights Out / SHAOLIN DEATH SQUAD: Death on Two Legs (Music Contest) / RAINBOW: Stargazer / CANDLEMASS: Samarithan / METALLICA: One / HOWARD SHORE: ‘O.S.T The Fellowship of the Ring’: Many Meetings / DAVID BOWIE: Space Oddity / MIDLAKE: Acts of Men / TERY REID: Stay With Me Babe / CLIVE NOLAN: The Tide of Wealth / SYMPHONY X: Awakenings.
 On behalf of GFreedom Team, I would like to say a very big 'thank you' to all those who participated one way or another in last night's show, and I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest.
Prog & Roll will begin the new year on Sunday the 10th of January, because on the 3rd we are going to have a day off.
Thank you all, and Happy New Year! :-)

Saturday, December 26, 2015

GFreedom Team Presents: The special last Prog & Roll radio show of 2015.

Hello all! :-)
  I'm writing this post in order to inform you about tomorrow's Prog & Roll radio show. 
As we have been advertising on the radio, tomorrow's show it's going to be a real special one. And that's because this last show's playlist will be exclusively made from our listeners.    During our previous shows we have been asking them to send us e-mails, including 3-4 songs of their choice. The main idea was to select 2 songs from each e-mail. and add them to the show's playlist. But finally we received so many e-mails, that made this really impossible. If we wanted to play 2 songs for each person, we should make the show 3 hours or more, and that is just impossible. So, we just picked 1 song from each email unfortunately.
But as you can understand, tomorrow's show will be an extremely interesting one, musically speaking. The playlist is totally mixed up, and it includes really (great) songs, from many different music styles and sub-genres, varying from Progressive Rock up to Heavy Metal, and even music from soundtracks. 

  So, my recommendation would be not to miss this last show of 2015, because it is going to be a really great one! :-)
 I will remind you once more, that Prog & Roll begin at 20.00 UK time zone, (21.00 Italy/France, 22.00 Greece/Turkey), and it's always on time!
 Also have in mind that it is a "live" radio show, and the broadcast is mostly in English, but also in Greek as well. In order to listen, just click on the following link tomorrow, at the time I mentioned above.
That's all for now, I hope to "see" you online.
Thank you! :-)

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Season's greetings...

  I would like to wish to you, your families and your beloved ones, a peaceful and warm holiday season, filled with love and hapiness.
                                 MERRY CHRISTMAS! 


Monday, December 21, 2015

PROG & ROLL'S Special Christmas Show. A 'Review' & the complete playlist.

  As I have mentioned in the post below, last night we had Prog & Roll's Christmas Special Show. My opinion is that it was a really great one, and the people seemed to enjoy it a lot. The only problem was that my wife and co-host was very sick, and she tried very hard to be there for the show. And up to a point she did, but after 1.5 hours she just couldn't go on anymore and she left.
 During the 2 hours of the show, we played many Christmas songs in slightly different versions than the ones you are used to, and furthermore songs that were inspired by Christmas. But that's not all. We had also a birthday AND a wedding announcement! One of our faithful listeners had his birthday yesterday, and that's why he asked for Jethro Tull's song 'Too Old to Rock n Roll, Too Young to Die'. And of course we did play it.
Well, what can I say? We really enjoyed last night's show, we had lots of fun, lots of laughters, and it was a very sweet and warm atmosphere in the chatbox.
As for the complete playlist, you can see it here:

CHARLIE PARRA: Jingle Bells / JETHRO TULL: A Christmas Song / BLACKMORE’S NIGHT: We Three Kings / O.S.T 'THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS': What’s This & Town Meeting Song / ALICE COOPER: Santa Claws is Coming to Town / TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: Come All Ye Faithful & Holy Night / ERIC ADAMS: Silent Night / PROCOL HARUM: A Christmas Camel / O.S.T 'SOUTHPARK': Oh Tannenbaum & Christmas in Hell / GROHL-GIBBONS-LEMMY: Run Rudolph Run / THE RAMONES: Merry Christmas / JETHRO TULL: Too Old to Rock n Roll, too Young to Die / The 12 Days of Progmas / THE PROG WORLD ORCHESTRA: Frankincense / SLADE: Merry Christmas Everybody / STEVIE WONDER: Someday at Christmas / JOHN LENNON: Happy Xmas (War is Over) / QUEEN: Thank God it’s Christmas / LOREENNA Mc KENNITT: In Praise for Christmas / ROB HALFORD: Oh Holy Night / O.S.T 'SOUTHPARK': Merry F*%$@# Christmas / TWISTED SISTER: Deck the Halls / IOMMI – DIO: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen / FINALE: We Wish You a Metal Christmas. 
 GFreedom Team would like to say a big THANK YOU to all those who logged in last night, and to all those who are supporting us during these 4 years that our show is active.
                              MERRY CHRISTMAS ALL! :-)

Saturday, December 19, 2015

GFreedom Team presents: Christmas Special Prog & Roll radio show (20/12/2015)

I'm writing this post in order to inform you about tomorrow's special Prog & Roll radio show.
Since tomorrow we will have the last show before Christmas, we thought of making it kind of a special one. So, tomorrow's Prog & Roll will be a "theme" show, and the main theme will be - of course - Christmas.
During the 2 hours of the show, we will play many Christmas songs, but in very different versions than the ones you are used to, and also songs that were inspired from Christmas. We have in our playlist songs from many different styles and sub-genres of music, varying from Rock and Soul up to Punk.
We also included songs from various cartoons in order to make the show even more fun. ;-)
Don't forget that Prog & Roll is an internet live radio show, and the broadcast is mostly in English, and also Greek. 
So, if tomorrow night you are in the mood for a fun Christmas radio show, join us.
Prog & Roll begins at 20.00 UK time, and its always on time. :-)
You can listen by simply clicking the following link: 
Hope to "see" you there. ;-)
Thank you.

GFreedom's Juke Box No.148

Hello everybody! :-)
As many of you know already, on every Saturday morning I'm posting here this 'Juke Box' post, which is my weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
During this week I listened to lots of music once more, and I picked the following songs as the best ones:
SYSTEM OF A DOWN: Lonely Day (Mezmerize - 2005)
CAMEL: Rajaz (Rajaz - 1999)
BIG BIG TRAIN: Hedgerow (English Electric Part.1 - 2012)
QUEENSRYCHE: Eyes of a Stranger (Operation: Mindcrime - 1988)
MANFRED MANN'S EARTH BAND: The Road to Babylon (The Roaring Silence - 1976)
By clicking on the following links you can listen to the songs in my list.
Enjoy the music, and have a wonderful weekend! :-)
CAMEL: Rajaz
QUEENSRYCHE: Eyes of a Stranger

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Goodies from GFreedom's Music Collection # 24

        THE PROG WORLD ORCHESTRA: A Proggy Christmas (2012)

What do you get when some of the top prog artists in the world combine forces to make a world class prog Christmas album? Well, if you don’t know, maybe you should listen to this album!
Brainchild of prog mastermind Neal Morse, this Christmas CD is like nothing you’ve ever heard before! Featuring some great musicians, like: MIKE PORTNOY (EX-DREAM THEATER), STEVE HACKETT (EX-GENESIS), ROINE STOLT (EX-KAIPA & THE FLOWER KINGS), STEVE MORSE and PETE TREWAVAS (TRANSATLANTIC AND MARILLION), it is
the ultimate Christmas prog album geared toward the major prog fan. Complete with shreddy guitars as well as soothing fretless bass, vocals on occasion by the illustrious Mr Morse, and everything in between, this is an album the true fan will enjoy for years to come.
Totally recommended for the fans of Progressive Rock! If you are into this kind of music, then this album it is a 'must have'!
                 My Rating: 3.0 out of 5.0 stars. 
By clicking on the following link you can listen to the song 'Frankincense' taken from this album.
Enjoy! :-) 

Monday, December 14, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (13/12/2015). The complete playlist.

 Last night Prog & Roll radio show was online once more as usual. It was the last "normal" show of the year, since our 2 next shows will be kind of special ones. The one on the 20th will be the 'Christmas Special', and the one after that will be the last show of 2015, and it will be totally dedicated to our audience, and their musical choices.
 Once more we had many people listening, from many European countries. I'm very glad to see that more people are joining our chatbox, and our company there becomes bigger.
 As for the playlist, we played songs from many decades, and music genres or sub-categories.
We divided the 2-hours show into 4-half hours parts once more, and here you can take a look at the songs that were played: 
1st PART: MYSTERY: Last Glass of Wine / DAVID GILMOUR: Faces of Stone / SUBSIGNAL: The Time out of Joint / SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE: Specter.
2nd PART: FLEETWOOD MAC: Man of the World / ROGER GLOVER: Little Chalk Blue / BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST: The Closed Shop / GENESIS: Blood on the Rooftops / BIG BIG TRAIN: Swan Hunter / KARFAGEN: Sylph.
3rd PART: UNIVERSE EFFECTS: Tormented / LEPROUS: The Price / SHAMAN: Fairy Tale / HAGGARD: Hijo de la Luna / NIGHTWISH:  Phantom of the Opera.
4rth PART: WILL-O-THE-WISP: Queen of Dreams / CARAVAN: The World is Yours / MIKE BATT: Lady of the Dawn / DULCIMER: Sonnet to the Fall. 
"Epic" Song: CRESSIDA: Munich.
On behalf of GFReedom Team I would like to thank all those who listened to our show once more. I hope you enjoyed it. Try not to miss Prog & Roll's 'Christmas Special' show, on the 20th of December! 
Thank you all! :-)

Saturday, December 12, 2015

GFreedom's Juke Box No.147

Hello all!
Here I am again in order to write down my weekly Top-5 song list for you, as it usualy happens on Saturday mornings.
So, for this week, my best 5 songs are the following ones:
LOVE: Always See Your Face (Four Sail - 1969)
CURVED AIR: Metamorphosis (Air Cut - 1974)
BIG BIG TRAIN: Swan Hunter (English Electric No.2 - 2013)
ROGER GLOVER / JOHN LAWTON: Little Chalk Blue (The Butterfy Ball & The Grasshopper's Feat - 1974)
TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: Come All Ye Faithful / Oh Holy Night (Christmas Eve & Other Stories - 1996)
In the following links you can listen to the songs that I have in my list. The only exception is 'Swan Hunter' by Big Big Train, which I couldn't find on YouTube.
LOVE: Always See Your Face
CURVED AIR: Metamorphosis
R.GLOVER / J.LAWTON: Little Chalk Blue
TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: Come All Ye Faithful / Oh Holy Night
Enjoy the music! :-)

Friday, December 11, 2015

TV Series: The Last Kingdom (Season 1) - 2015


                          WARNING: Spoilers ahead!
 This is a new BBC Tv Series I discovered recently, and I watched the whole 1st season into 3 days time. That’s not so difficult though, because the whole 1st season consists of only 8 - 45 minutes long – episodes. 
  The story is based on the books ‘The Saxon Stories’, written by Bernard Cornwell, (which I haven’t read), and tells the story of Uhtred, who was born as a Saxon, but he was raised as a Dane.
  The story starts when the Danes attack the young boy’s Kingdom of Bebbenburg, and his father Lord Uhtred, gathers an army in order to face them. Earl Ragnar of the Danes is attacked by Lord Uhtred and his army, who has no chance of victory, but his bravery earns the respect of the Viking leader. The battle is lost, and Lord Uhtred dies. The Danes take his son as a slave, together with another orphan girl, named Brida. Slowly slowly Ragnar accepts the young boy, and finally he is raising him as if he was his own son. So, after losing his father, Uhtred now found a new father, but that’s not so simple. Because, although he was born Saxon, now he is being raised as a Dane.
 All the things you just read, are just the beginning of a wonderful story, which is deployed in the 8 episodes of the 1st season of ‘The Lost Kingdom’.
 The Last Kingdom is blessed with a talented group of actors, including some veterans as well, like Ratger Hauer for example, who plays the Viking Ravn. Also, it was a great surprise to me to see Matthew Macfadyen as the Lord Uhtred. Sadly these 2 characters won’t last for more than 1 episode, but they helped ground the series with their presence in this 1st episode. After that, young Uhtred and Brida take over, as we watch them mature into adulthood.
 The Last Kingdom is the first book in the Saxon Stories, so hopefully with the show’s success we will get to see more…
I really enjoyed watching this 1st season, and I’m waiting impatiently for the 2nd one to come out.
Highly recommended, especially to all those who like Medieval books or films, filled with battles, swords, bravery and of course love stories. Because let’s face it, like it or not, every series lately MUST include a few love stories as well.                         

   My Rating: 8.0 / 10.0  - IMDB’s Rating: 8.6 / 10.0
By clicking on the following link you can watch a trailer for The Last Kingdom.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

PROG & ROLL: ALCHEMY's Presentation now available as a Podcast

Hello all!
As I wrote in the post below this one, on Sunday's Prog & Roll radio show we did an extended presentation on  Clive Nolan's musical 'Alchemy'.
 Many people asked if they would have the chance to listen to it
again because they loved it; and because I believe that it was one of the best presentations we ever did, I decided to upload it as a Podcast.
The show was divided into 3 uneven parts, and Alchemy's presentation took place during the 2nd part.

In case you would like to take a look to the playlist beforehand, take a look here:
So, if you want to listen to the presentation we made to this really wonderful album, and to the rest of the show after that, just click here:
Feel free to listen/share/download etc...
Enjoy it! :-)

Monday, December 7, 2015

PROG & ROLL Radio Show (6/12/2015). A review and the complete songlist.

Good morning all!
 As I mentioned in previous a post in this blog, on last night's Prog & Roll radio show we had the presentation of Clive Nolan's 'Alchemy' prepared. We had also informed Mr. Nolan about this presentation and he agreed to "participate" in our show, as 'guest on the chatbox'. But on Saturday afternoon, we were informed that he would be not able to join the show, due to a personal problem.
That was something that made us kind of sad, (because let's face it, it's not easy to have musicians like Clive Nolan in our chatbox often), but we continued with the show as planned. 
So, last night's Prog & Roll, was all about Rock opera's and musicals. From our behalf, we were preparing this show for almost 10 days now, and I really believe we did an excellent job. As it seemed, everybody was rather impressed (especially with Alchemy's presentation), and had some great time.
 At the time of the show, we had among our listeners Andy Sears, who plays the role of Lord Henry Jagman, and Magda from Germany, who is - I think - responsible for Mr. Nolan's PR.
 There was really big amount of people that were listening, and most of them stayed until the last song, so my guess is that they were enjoying the whole thing.
As our listeners know well, we usually divide the show in 4 half-hour parts, but especially for yesterday we changed that. So, we divided the show into 3 uneven parts, and during the middle and longer one we did the presentation of Alcemy.
Anyway, let's take a look now to the complete songlist:
Part. 1: THE PRETTY THINGS: Defecting Grey / THE KINKS: She’s Bought a Hat Like Princess Marina / O.S.T ‘HAIR’ : Aquarius / THE WHO: Teenage Wasteland / O.S.T ‘JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR’: King Herod’s Song.
Part 2: 'ALCHEMY': Prologue / Deception / Amelia / Quaternary Plan / Ambush / The Tide of Wealth / Amelia Dies / The Ritual / Anzeray Speaks.
Part. 3: SAVATAGE: Strange Reality / TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA: What is Eternal / KAYAK: Goodbye Pharos / CAAMORA: Overture (from ‘She’). 
'Epic' song: AYREON: Isis & Osiris.
 On behalf of GFreedom Team, I would like to say a very big 'Thank You' to all those who joined our show last night, and to our faithful listeners who are supporting and advertising our show all the time.
Thank you all!

Saturday, December 5, 2015

PROG & ROLL proudly presents the musical 'Alchemy', with special guest Mr. Clive Nolan!

I'm very glad and proud to announce that during tomorrow's Prog & Roll we are going to have  the English musician & composer Clive Nolan, as "guest on the chatbox"!
Clive Nolan is one of the most famous and respected musicians in the "modern" Progressive Rock music scene, and he is the leading force behind bands like Arena, Shadowlands and Pendragon.
At this point, I would like to inform you about tomorrow's special Prog & Roll:
Tomorrow's show will be a special "theme" show, and the theme will be 'Rock Opera's and Musicals, from the '60's till noawdays'.
 So, as you realize from the theme of the show, tomorrow we are going to play songs from Rock opera's and Rock musicals exclusively, famous or not.
 Further than that, we are going to make an extended presentation to Clive Nolan's wonderful musical 'Alchemy', which was released in 2013. Because of that, we contacted him and asked if he would like to "participate" in our show somehow. And he will! So, tomorrow we will welcome in our chatbox one of the greatest musicians and composers of the last decades. Furthermore, there is a big possibility that together with him, some other musicians/singers who participated in the recordings and the theatrical version of 'Alchemy' will join as well.
But there is more! Today, I am going to call him ot his home, in order to have a chat and get to now each other, and together with my wife we are going to take a small interview, parts of which we are going to play on tomorrow's show.
 We strarted preparing this show a couple of weeks ago, because we wanted to present something really special to our audience, and now that we know that Clive Nolan will join also, we just can't wait!
 So, if tomorrow night you are in the mood for some really great music, and also the oportunity to "meet" Clive Nolan, just join Prog & Roll.
Our show begins at 20.00 UK time (21.00 Italy/France/Germany), (22.00 Greece/Turkey).
The only thing you have to do, is to click the following link at the time I mentioned above. 
See you there! :-)
Thank you.

Friday, December 4, 2015

New Releases: MYSTERY - Delusion Rain (2015)

  For those who aren't familiar with the band 'Mystery', I should say that  they are a Canadian band, and they have been active since the mid '80's. The band released its first album in 1992 and break up in 2000. After a 5 year break, they returned in 2005 with many changes in their line up, and a different sound. Since then, they released 4 studio albums, with Delusion Rain being their latest one.
  Personaly speaking, I discovered 'Mystery' almost 4 years ago, and I really liked them. Almost immediately, I bought the 2 albums that I could find at the time, which were 'Beneath the Veil of Winter's Face'  (2007) and 'One Among the Living' (2010). I liked these albums a lot, and when 'The World is a Game' came out in 2012, I bought it without a second thought. The same thing happened with 'Delusion Rain' this year.
  There was a surprise waiting for me though. The first thing I realised, was that their very good singer David Benoit, was not in the band anymore. For health problems I think, he was replaced by Jean Pageau. That put my mood down a little bit, but that lasted for only a few minutes. Once I started listening to the album, I realised that the new singer is equally good, and matches their sound just like their previous one. (But I like Benoit's voice better).
 Let's take a closer look at the album now:
  Well, it consists of 6 songs, and has a total running time of almost an hour. As you can understand, all songs are kind of long ones. The shortest one is 'If you see her' (6.10), and the longest one is the album's epic 'The Willow Tree' (19.30). The latter is definetely the CD's highlight with the many changes it has in its music and tempo. It starts as a ballad, then shift to a fast tempo and a long instrumental passage. The same themes are repeated like the ballad and the acoustic part, so it's like a back and forth of acoustic and electric moments.Despite the singer's replacement, the sound of the band remained the same, and that is something surely pleasing for me. The band retained its mellow, melodic & melancholic sound, which is kind of their 'trademark' in my opinion. 
Another thing I should mention, is the excellent production of the album! The sound is clear and loud with each instrument bursting in the speakers. As for their 'influences', once more they remind something like a mix between Pink Floyd and Pallas. Not always of course, but in some specific parts.
 I totally recommend 'Delusion Rain' to the fans of Neo-Prog (or 'modern Progressive Rock' if you like), and to all those who can enjoy a well structured and melodic Rock album.
                        My rating would be: 3.5 out of 5.0 stars.
By clicking the following link, you will be able to listen to the album's opening song. 
Enjoy! :-)