Monday, August 13, 2012

Spotlights on: BLACK MOUNTAIN

   Black Mountain is a Canadian band from Vancouver, and they are active since 2004.
Their sound is heavy Rock, with some influences from Progressive and Psychedelia.
They have released 3LP's so far (Black Mountain - 2005, In the Future - 2008, Wilderness Heart - 2010), and 4-5 EP's...
Their first album was chosen as one of 'Amazons' Top 100 editors picks' in 2005. 'In the Future' was finalist for the 2008 Polaris Music Prize, and it was nominated as 'Best Alternative Album' in 2009.
The song 'Stay Free' from 'In the Future' was featured on the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack.
Their last album 'Wilderness Heart', was ranked at no.45 in the UK albums charts, and at No.11 in the German albums charts.
In 2005 the band was the opening act for Coldplay on their 'Twisted Logic Tour' for a few weeks.
   I was thinking of adding them in the 'Progressive Rock Encyclopedia' I'm posting here, but before I did that, I sat down and listen to their songs again. (It has been sometime since I listened to their records), and finally decided not to. Instead I'm posting them in these series. Because maybe they have some Progressive elements in their songs, a few songs are long with many turns and kind of complicated, but in general I can't call them a Prog band.  But they are a good band, with good musicians, and they surely deserve some attention!
   In order to know them a bit better, I will use some of their own words to describe them:
"Black Mountain is the front line band for the Black Mountain Army, a collective of musicians artists and friends in Vancouver. And by that phrase don't put in your mind any hippie collective, in the sence that we all live together in one house etc... Basically is a circle of creative people and friends who work and help the band in any way they can. Several members of the band for many years now are working for organizations that support the poor and the drug addicted in Vancouver"...
   The only thing I want to add is a big Bravo to these guys!
In the following videos you can watch the song 'Tyrants' live, and the official video of the song 'Wucan', both from the 'In the Future' album.
I hope you'll like them...