Thursday, August 2, 2012

The 101st post...

   I’m very happy to announce that my blog has reached 101 posts! (This one is the 101).
In these last 4 months I tried a lot here, and I hope that this blog is keeping you nice company, and maybe learn also a few things on the way. (I did learn a few things from your comments also)…
Now let’s see some stats:
In these 4 months, I have posted 100 posts, the blog had 2630 pageviews, and received 137 comments. (Some of these comments are mine though, as answers to your comments)
I have put categories in every post, in order to make it more organized and easier for you if you want to read only one specific category, instead of searching… (You just click on the category in the bottom of each post, and it shows you only the posts of this category)
And let’s see the percentage of these categories now:
Personal: 28%
Music – Rock: 25%
Music – Prog: 19%
Cartoons: 3%
Movies – TV: 7%
Travels: 6%
Books: 2%
Concerts: 3%
Music – Metal: 2%
New Releases: 2%
Sports: 2%
In the next months I will try to balance it a bit, by putting more posts in the categories that are very low… (But don't forget that this blog's main theme is Rock music)...
And finishing this, I want to thank you all for your support in this blog, by visiting, commenting etc…
Have a great August everybody, and have some great holidays! (If you haven’t gone already)…
George :)