Thursday, October 25, 2012

GFreedom Team Presents:Prog & Roll Radio Show No.4...

Hello all!
 In exactly 4.5 hours from now it will be the time for our 4rth radio broadcast.
Tonight's broadcast will be the last we are doing on
this day and hour.
Our Radio show "Prog & Roll' will move on Sunday nights between 20-22.00 (GMT) (22.00 - 00.00 Greek Time).
Our first Sunday's broadcast will be in 3 days from now, on the 28th of October. Especially for this Sunday we are preparing a very nice show with a very nice (we hope) surprise. But more details on that later... :)
So, if any of you is in the mood for some good Rock music, please visit this link at the time I wrote above.
There is also a chatbox in case you want to say a "Hello" or more...
Thanks in advance :)