Saturday, October 6, 2012

GFreedom's Juke Box No.17

Hello all!
It is Saturday and therefore it is time to post my Top-5 songs for the last week.
With all the preparations for the radio show I listened to a lot of Progressive Rock once more.
 But when I wanted to escape a bit I tried to listen totally different things.
So these were my 5 most beloved songs for the last 7 days:

Riverside: The Same River  (Out of Myself ) (2003)
Chris De Burgh: Crusader (Crusader) (1979)
Annie Haslam: Still Life
('Air' from suite No.3 in D Major - J.S.Bach) (Still Life) (1985)
Alice Cooper: Pass the Gun Around (DaDa) (1983)
The Stranglers: Nice & Sleazy (Black & White) (1978)