Monday, October 1, 2012

TV Series: HOMELAND (Season 1)

   One of the best and well structed series I have watched in the last years.
When they told me about the story, I thought ‘Ah ok I’m not gonna watch that’.
But one night I thought to give it a try. And I didn’t stop watching it like insane until the season finished. I was counting the days for season 2, which started yesterday I think.
The first season consists of 12 episodes, and each episode lasts for an hour.
   There are two main characters here: The CIA female officer Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes), and the Marines Sergeant Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis). (Damian Lewis held the basic role as Sgt. Winters in the TV series Band of Brothers).
   The story starts when Sgt.Body returns to USA from Iraq, after having gone missing for eight years.  C. Mathison has some informations about an American ‘sleeping’ agent, and she suspects him from the start.
In these 12 episodes you will see the plot turning many times, as if almost nothing is as it seems…
   It is important to pay attention when watching, so you will not miss some clues that are given as the story continues. The structure of the two main characters is very strong, and both actors are giving great performances.
‘Homeland’ series won 2 Golden Globe awards, and they have a rating of 8.6 in IMDB…
In the following video you can see a trailer of the first season...