Friday, October 5, 2012

Prog & Roll Radio Show No.2 an Update..

Hello everybody!
   Last night was our second broadcast in the internet radio I have already informed you about.
I must admit it was a good show again! People seemed to enjoy the music, we enjoyed their comments on the chatbox, and at some point we were laughing a lot with some crazy comments.
Near the end of our show we even had a message straight from the NASA base in Houston, concerning an Irish band we played at our first broadcast! (I'm kidding of course! It was just one of these crazy comments I was talking about) :)
   Anyway, in this second broadcast we played a bit more 'Progressive' and long songs than in our first show one week before. That's why we played 14 songs instead of 18 which we had played last week.
Some of the bands we had on our playlist last night were: Camel, Riverside, Tool, Curved Air, String Driven Thing, Van Der Graaf Generator, Rush etc...
Now we have one week in front of us to prepare our next show, and try to make it better!
Thank you all who logged in last night, and became a part of our company! :)