Wednesday, December 19, 2012

One Week in Athens..

Hello everybody!
As you noticed I haven't posted anything in the last two weeks.
That's because I did a fast trip to my hometown, Athens Greece.
I had many things to deal with, many friends to visit, and in general to blow some steam.
These days passed very fast, and I wasn't able to see all those I wanted to.
Well, next time maybe.
I want to say that I was very happy to see all those friendly faces that I've missed, and I apologize to those I wasn't able to see. I want to thank all of you that helped me in any way you could, and I promise to see you again as soon as possible!
As for the blog, it will slowly slowly return to its normal rhythm.
Starting from today, I will start posting again the usual stuff.
Thanks again, and see you soon!