Thursday, October 30, 2014

JACK BRUCE Passed Away... (1943-2014)

I deleyed a lot to sit down and write these sad news, but I was on a travel lately, and I couldn't deal with my blog a lot.
 Jack Bruce, the legendary bass player & singer of the band 'Cream' passed away on Saturday 25/10/2014 from liver disease at the age of 71.
 He was one of the most influential bass players in Rock music, and he left behind some wonderful songs as his heritage, such as 'Sunshine of your love' 'White Room' and 'I Feel Free', just to name a few.
 His musical career started in 1962 when he became a member on 'Blues Incorporated' which were led by Alexis Korner. There he met with the drummer Ginger Baker, and together they formed 'Cream' a few years later, having as a third member Eric Clapton of course. With his Gibson EB-3 he became one of the most famous bass players in Rock music, and he influenced hundreds of musicians, such as 'Sting' and Geddy Lee (Rush).
R.I.P Jack Bruce, Rock music just lost one more legend...

P.S: In the following video you can see the song 'White Room' performed live from Cream's farewell concert in 1968.