Wednesday, October 29, 2014

SAXON Live in Athens 25/10/2014

If there are some bands that refuse to get old, one of them is Saxon for sure.
Once more they visited Greece for 2 concerts in Athens and Thessaloniki on the 25th and 26th of October.
This time they had a really great setlist prepared, based in 3 of their best albums: 'Wheels of Steel' 'Strong Arm of the Law' and 'Denim and Leather'.
As you can see in the poster, in the whole tour they had 'Skid Row' as support act. Well, in Athens they didn't! For some reason 'Skid Row' where replaced by the local band 'Inner Wish'. Not that I mind to be honest, but maybe there were some people who wanted to see Skid Row.
 Anyway, let's move on to the concert. The place was really full, and the support band appeared on stage exactly on time. The gave a very good performance, and played for almost 45 minutes.
And a little after 22.00 was time for 'Saxon' to come on stage. The sound wasn't so good at first, but that lasted for only 1-2 songs. After that was really good!
The band played for almost 2 hours, and they proved that they still "got it". The playlist was a really great one, based on their top songs from the '80's mostly.
  Despite the fact that I'm not and never been a fan of Saxon, I must admit that I had a really great time, and the two hours passed really quick.
Here you can see the whole playlist:

Motorcycle Man
Power And The Glory
And The Bands Played On
20,000 Feet
Rock 'N' Roll Gypsy
The Eagle Has Landed
Heavy Metal Thunder
Ride Like The Wind
Broken Heroes
Strong Arm Of The Law
Dallas 1 PM
747 (Strangers In The Night)
Princess Of The Night
Wheels Of Steel
Never Surrender
Denim And Leather