Monday, October 27, 2014

PROG & ROLL & PLAY IT LOUD radio shows: The Full Playlists...

Hello all!
  As I mentioned in a previous post, yesterday I travelled to the beautiful town of Pylos in order to meet with my friend John Alslan who has his own radio show as well. Together we had a "Special Radio Sunday" on which I participated as a guest in his show 'Play it Loud' at noon, and he participated as a guest in 'Prog & Roll' at night. My co-host Nihal wasn't able to be there due to a travel, so we were just us.
  I have to admit it was a lot of fun for us, and the hours didn't seem enough. But ok, maybe we will do it again in the future. As for the shows, I'm very pleased to see that many people logged in and listened to the shows, and many of them were participating in the chatbox as well. I believe that everybody (including us) had a really good time.
As for the music, well... we tried to combine many different music styles in both shows, and in 'Play it Loud' we played mostly upbeat and "noisy" songs let's say, because that is the style of John's show. In 'Prog & Roll' we played more classic songs, but we kept a few surprises for the end. This time 'Prog & Roll' was extended for half an hour, and on this extra time we played songs from bands nobody was expecting to listen to, because they don't actually much the style of the show. But that was the fun in it!

Anyway, I really believe we did 2 good shows yesterday, and that is very pleasing because we did put a lot of effort in them.
Here you can take a look at both playlists.
1st part: CREAM: White Room / PINK FLOYD: Welcome to the Machine / SIOUXSIE & THE BANSHEES: Melt! / THE TEA PARTY: Sister Awake / THE KINKS: Days.
2nd Part: TEENACIOUS D: The Metal / RAINBOW: Kill the King / METALLICA: Sabra Cadabra / TWISTED SISTER: Under the Blade / RIOT: Running from the Law / AC DC: If You Want Blood / SKYCLAD: Emerald.
3rd Part: CHARLIE DANIELS BAND: The Devil Went to Georgia / LUTHER ALLISON: Rock me Baby / SIMON & GARFUNKEL: The Only Living boy in New York / ALICE COOPER: Desperado / SCORPIONS: We'll Burn the Sky / THIN LIZZY: Angel of Death.
4th Part: LED ZEPPELIN: Thank You / JUDAS PRIEST: Victim of Changes / BLACK SABBATH: Snowblind / RAMMSTEIN: Sonne / MANOWAR: Hail to England / MOTORHEAD: Ace of Spades.
And here is Prog & Roll's full playlist:
1st Part: BLUE OYSTER CULT: Astronomy / QUEEN: Spread Yuor Wings / SERJ TANKIAN: Sky is Over / TOOL: The Pot.
2nd Part: LED ZEPPELIN: Battle of Evermore / TRAFFIC: John Barleycorn / JETHRO TULL: Mother Goose / CARAVAN: In the Land of Grey and Pink / MANFRED MAN'S EARTH BAND: Solar Fire. 
3rd Part: BLACK SABBATH: Black Sabbath / RAINBOW: Gates of Bablon / NIGHTWISH: Ever Dream / SAVATAGE: Gutter Ballet / RANDONE: Soy Peregrino.
4rth Part: PROCOL HARUM: Something Magic / JOHN LEES: Untitled No.1 - Heritage / PINK FLOYD: High Hopes.
5th Part: QUEENSRYCH: Silent Lucidity / VIRGIN STEELE: A Cry in the Night / MANOWAR: Heart of Steel / METALLICA: Fade to Black / MONTY PYTHON: always Look on the Bright Side of Life.  
Both me and John want to thank everybody who logged in yesterday to listen to one or both shows. We were glad to see so many people listening and participating, and surely this gives us courage to continue doing our best.
Thank you all! :)