Saturday, October 25, 2014

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.105

Hello all!
 As I mentioned in the previous post, tomorrow we have a special "Radio Sunday" prepared.
I will participate in two radio shows, in two different radio stations. (You can read the details in the post below).
During this week I spend many hours listening to music in order to choose the songs for both shows.
 Therefore it is impossible to choose only 5 songs as my best ones. I could write easily 10, and still I'll have to leave many great songs out of the list.
That's why I picked 5 songs and that's it. There are many more, but...
And in order to give you a small hint about the two radio shows, I should inform you that this time all the songs from my list are included in tomorrow's playlists. Maybe that's why the list is kind of mixed up...
So, these are some of my best songs for this week:
BLACK SABBATH: Snowblind (Vol.4 - 1972)
CURVED AIR: Metamorphosis (Air cut - 1974)
MADRUGADA: The Frontman (The nightly disease - 2001)
PROCOL HARUM: Something magic (Something magic - 1977)
SIMON & GARFUNKEL: The only living boy in New York (Bridge over troubled water - 1970)
And as usual, i'll conclude this post by adding 2 videos from my list, for you to listen to.
Have a great weekend, and I hope I'll "see you" tomorrow in one or both radio shows.
Thank you!