Monday, November 24, 2014

PROG & ROLL radio show on 23/11/2014. The full playlist...

Good morning all!
 Last night we had one more Prog & Roll radio show as usual, and here I am today in order to inform you about the playlist.
It was a rather a mixed but good one I believe.
During the second part we did a small tribute in the Greek Prog music scene, and we played songs from 4 very good local bands.
 For the end of the show we kept the epic 'No!' from Crippled Black Phoenix' latest album, but because some people asked for one more song we chose to play a great and classic one. And as far I understood from their reactions we did a very good choice!
 Here you can check the whole playlist:

Part 1: PARADISE LOST: Embers fire / NIGHTWISH: Ever dream / WITHIN TEMPTATION: Frozen / FATES WARNING: Eye to eye / BLACK BONZO: Lady of the light. 
Part. 2: CICCADA: A child in the mirror / WILL-O-THE-WISP: Silent thoughts - Elbereth / NO BRAIN CELL: Open field (Part.1) / VERBAL DELIRIUM: Sudden winter.
Part. 3: TRIUMVIRAT: The school of instant pain / EMERSON LAKE & PALMER: Tarkus (part.5 – Battlefield) / GENESIS: Lilywhite Lilith / FOCUS: Sylvia / FRUUPP: Elizabeth. Part. 4: PHIDEUX: The doctrine of eternal ice / BIG BIG TRAIN: Swan hunter / FRANK ZAPPA: Directly from my heart to you / CRIPPLED BLACK PHOENIX: No!. 
Encore: LED ZEPPELIN: Since I’ve been loving you (Live). 
I want to say a very big thanks to all of you who joined our show, hoping you had some nice time with our music choices.