Saturday, April 18, 2015

GFreedom's Juke Box Nο.124

Hello all!
Since it's Saturday once more, it's time for me to write down my Top - 5 songlist for this week.
During the week I had an extremely busy schedule, and I wasnt able to listen to as much music as I would like. Therefore  my options were kind of limited, but I will write my list anyway.
So, without further ado these are my best 5 songs for this week:
DRIFTING SUN: Trip the Life Fantastic (Trip the Life Fantastic - 2015)
KEEF HARTLEY BAND: Not Foolish, Not Wise (The Battle of North West Six - 1969)
KARNATAKA: Road to Cairo (Secrets of Angels - 2015)
SUBTERRANEAN MASQUERADE: Early Morning Mantra (The Great Bazaar - 2015)
GREEN ON RED: 16 Ways (Gas Food Lodging - 1985)
I will conclude this post as usual, by adding 2 songs from my list as videos, so you can listen right away if you want to.
Enjoy the music, and have a nice weekend!
Thank you. :-)