Monday, May 11, 2015

JustinCase Radio's birthday on Prog & Roll. (10/5/2015). A small review...

This was a difficult night...
  As I mentioned in a previous post, on last night's Prog & Roll we would celebrate the 3rd birthday of the radio station. Many of the producers gathered up in the studio, along with friends, girlfriends etc, and also musicians from some Greek bands, and altogether we had a party. At the same time, there was a radio marathon going on, since 17.00 UK time, and the chatbox was packed with people who logged in, and musicians from many countries who wanted to thank us for our support, and tell us their wishes. At some point must have been more than 40 - 45 musicians in the chatbox, which was really impressive.

 We arrived rather late at the studio, and I was kind of stressed about what was about to happen. Upon entering, we saw that a big crowd was already gathered up, eating, drinking, chatting, and having fun in general. A few minutes before the time of the show, we sat in front of the computers in order to make some final adjustments, and at that point the main computers crashed. I was panicked to be honest, because we tried to restart it and re-connect to the server, but it wasn't responding. Now, imagine having a very big crowd listening, many of them musicians, friends, etc, and suddenly there is quiet... We tried again and again, and finally after some time, everything seemed ok. So, Prog & Roll finally started with almost 20 minutes of delay.
 We tried to overcome the shock and get on with the show, hoping that there will be no more problems on the way, and thanfully everything went fine. Further than that, we had some fun during the show, but we were so busy with all the things we had to deal with, that at the end we were exhausted.
 During the show we were asking people from the next room (the 'party area') to participate, and say a few things on the microphone. Also, during the 2 hours of the show we gave almost 25 cd's as presents to our listeners, which were given to us by many bands and artists.
 At almost 21.30 (UK time) many people gathered up in the studio carrying a birthday cake, and altogether we sang 'Happy Birthday' on air, which must have sounded really horrible! :P
 Concluding this, I would like to thank all those who logged in last night, and I hope that they had some fun with the show. I want to apologize for the technical problems, but more than that because i wasn't able to participate in the chatbox as usual. Everything was difficult and stressful, so I missed some of you. I'm really sorry for that...
 Here you can check the songs we played on last night's show:

LUCIFER’S FRIEND: Ride the Sky / BLACK SABBATH: Hole in the Sky / QUEENSRYCHE: Eyes of a Stranger / SAVATAGE: Strange Reality / GALAHAD: 21st Century Painted Lady / ARENA: The Unquiet Sky / DRIFTING SUN: The Wizard / JUDAS PRIEST: Diamonds & Rust (music contest) / PAUL Mc CARTNEY & WINGS: Let me Roll it / LED ZEPPELIN: The Rover / THE KORDZ: Last Call / RENAISSANCE: Opening Out / GENESIS: Can Utility and the Coastliners / YES: America / MIKE OLDFIELD: To France / ELOY: The Light from Deep Darkness.
 Thank you all! :-)