Thursday, May 28, 2015

The STRANGLERS live in Athens. The setlist...

  A few days ago (23/5/2015) the legendary Stranglers gave a live performance in Athens, and here I am in order to inform you about the setlist they played.
  I didn't go to see their performance, because first of all I am not a fan of them, and secondarily because I was lucky enough to watch them on stage before almost 25 years ago twice. So, what's the point of going now?
  But because some of you might be interested, I thought of providing you with the setlist.
 As far as I read, they played for almost 2 hours, and their performance was a very good one. So, if you are thinking of going to see them live, I think you don't have to think about it twice. :-)
Here is the concert's setlist:

Toiler On The Sea
Straighten Out
(Get A) Grip (On Yourself)
I’ve Been Wild
Nice 'N' Sleazy
Golden Brown
Always The Sun
Five Minutes
Freedom Is Insane
Time To Die
Norfolk Coast
I Feel Like A Wog
Skin Deep
Time Was Once On My Side
Lost Control
Hanging Around
Walk On By
Encore 2:
All Day And All Of The Night
No More Heroes