Saturday, February 27, 2016

GFreedom's Juke Box No.155

Hello all! :-)
Another fine Saturday morning came, therefore it is time for me to write down my usual weekly Top-5 songlist for you.
The truth is that I listened to lots of music during the week, so it wasn't easy to pick only 5 songs for my list. Even now I'm not sure if those 5 are the best ones, but ok...
So, the song I'm recommending for this week are the following:
SIMPLEXITY: Luminosity (Click to Start - 2011)
MYRATH: Get Your Freedom Back (Legacy - 2016)
DISCIPLINE: When the Walls are Down (To Shatter all Accord - 2011)
MUSE: Stockholm Syndrome (Absolution - 2003)
JANE: Circle of Hands (Eternity - 2011)
I will conclude this post as usual, by adding the YT links for the songs in my list, so you can listen to them right away if you want to. Because I counldn't find the studio version of 'Circle of Hands' I added the link for a video taken from a live performance.
SIMPLEXITY: Luminosity
MYRATH: Get Your Freedom Back
DISCIPLINE: When the Walls are Down
MUSE: Stockholm Syndrome
JANE: Circle of Hands - Live
Enjoy the music, and have a nice and relaxing weekend!
Thank you for visiting. ;-)